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Nov 23, 2008 07:13 AM

Visiting Northern Palm Beach Co. -- Need Recs!

NY hound here coming to Palm Beach Gardens for the week to visit family. I'd like recs for good restaurants and bars in the area. I'm not looking for anything specific (old or new, anything is fine). I'd prefer not to go further south than WPB/Palm Beach Island. I'd also appreciate nightlife suggestions for a younger (mid-20s) crowd. Thanks!

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  1. Hey lawstud, my resto recs are still the same ones from last Aug. Maybe others can add some to it. See and be seen party resto with good mexican food in WPB would be Rocco's Tacos. Spoto's Oyster Bar in PBG might be of interest to you. I also recommend Pita Grille for Mediterranean on US-1 in NPB/Juno and this small place is packing them in.

    Old recs:

    On the party scene, Aqua Grill in Legacy Place is now a resto that turns into a nightclub after 10'ish. I "hear" that it's mainly 20's and the place is pretty nice. The Yardhouse is a great drinking spot to kick off the night although it's more 30'ish. Dr. Feelgood's rock n roll bar on Clematis (across from Rocco's Tacos) is a happening spot with a hot crowd and range from 20's to 40's. Maybe one night hit Rocco's Tacos and then walk across the street to Dr. Feelgoods.

    Another club to hit would be Zia on PGA just west of I-95 in the Embassy Suites. It's more 30'ish though. If you want a place to dance and don't mind ppl smoking, Club Safari is the best dance club in PBG. It has a wide range of ages and is mainly just a place to go and dance to some good music and lights on the always packed dance floor. It can get slighlty thuggish though.

    Pita Grille
    12100 US Highway 1, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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      Hey freakerdude, don't worry, I hadn't forgotten about your recs, just wondering if you had anything to add.

      I forgot to mention that the last time I was home I stopped by Metronome Brasserie on PGA Blvd: Fantastic menu (reasonably priced) and great wine -- reminded me of my trip to France last summer. If you haven't already, I recommend you try them out. I hope they stick around.

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        Their menu looks killer! There's quite a few places on the upper scale that I don't go to, so maybe others can rec those for you. Ke'e Grill in Juno would be a great upper scale seafood option. I know that Spoto's, Oakwood Grill, and Carmine's La Trattoria are good places as well. There's The Strip House or the brand new Bice Bistro on PGA if you want to drop some cash.

        All of my other recs are major casual. There's David's East Side Deli in PGA Commons if a Jewish deli interests you. Make sure you visit Leftover's in Abacoa.

    2. When my husband and I go down there, we always go to the Riverhouse restaurant on PGA blvd in Palm Beach Gardens. We have never had a bad meal there, and the view is great.

      1. For seafood, you've got the Reef Grill in Juno, the Food Shack in Jupiter and Schooner's also in Jupiter. Thirsty Turtle isn't bad either.
        Sorry, I'm a foodie, but also a nerd. Can't help with the night life.

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        1. re: schindlr

          Haha, I have the same problem re: nightlife (hence why i'm asking!)

          I absolutely love Thirsty Turtle -- one of my favorite post beach spots. Also love Food Shack. I don't think I've ever been to Reef Grill though, I'll check it out, and I haven't been to Schooner's in years, probably worth me checking out again.

        2. Hey, thanks for all the fantastic recs. I'm in town and enjoying the spectacular weather! It couldn't be more perfect.

          I was hoping someone may know of a good wine store -- I want to buy some bottles for tomorrow's dinner. Thanks again for the help.

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            I don't know if they are any good but there's Total Wine in Legacy Place and Crown Wine & Liquers on US-1 just north of PGA. It will be on the west side of US-1 past the Publix and before you get to McDonalds.


            And then you have Whole Foods in Downtown @ Gardens and Publix Greenwise in Legacy Place.

          2. Thanks for all the recs! I'm in town now enjoying the wonderful weather. It couldn't be nicer.

            I was hoping someone here might be able to help me find a good wine store -- I need some bottles for tomorrow's dinner. Thanks again!