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Nov 23, 2008 06:40 AM

MSP-Last Minute 2nd Best Steak

Oh, unhappy day!

My sweetie's brother is in town. She wants to take us out for steak to-night, her brother being a fan of l'meat rouge. Yippee, sez I. Where to go, sez she?
Why, The Strip Club, naturally.
What's that, you say?
Closed on Sunday night?

Ergo, I am now looking for the 2nd best steak. Trouble is, one way or another, I have had most of the steak in town. Most everything is second best (at best). Well, in my experience.

If I have to, I'll even throw cocktails under the bus in favor of better meat. Though splendid meat and cocktails both are preferred.

Suggestions are desperately welcomed.

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  1. Strip Club gets their beef from the Thousand Hills Cattle Company in Cannon Falls. Other local restaurants who use Thousand Hills:

    Not saying it's an adequate replacement or imitation, but if forced to pick a proxy I'd say Craftsman is closest to Strip Club in terms of pricing, selection, overall experience. And you'll still be able to purchase cocktails.

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      Red Stag also uses Thousand Hills and has 3 steaks on the menu.

    2. Cocktails? I'd suggest the Lexington for some steaks, green beans & old school charm.

      I'm assuming you have already considered Manny's?

      1. I love the Strip Club too, but let's face it - it's not like they serve a huge variety of different steaks - it's really about the accompaniments. So if you just want good steak and don't care as much about a variety of cuts, I'd say Meritage has a wonderful Steak Frites. I also adored the hanger steak I had at Masa the other night and although it's a chain I really enjoyed the Kobe steak I had at Ruth's Chris recently. Have fun!

        1. If you are interested in an Italian slant, I Nonni serves a fabulous grilled beef ribeye. They also have a wonderful Osso Buco.