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Nov 23, 2008 06:37 AM

Andrew's Cheese Shop on Montana

Has anyone else tried Andrew's Cheese shop yet?

We went to try the grilled cheese and beer tasting night and had a great time. Andrew has set up the best counter west of the 405. His descriptions make it easy to dive right in and start tasting and he gives you labeled cards to help you remember what you had. Very unpretentious. It seems like they could carry even more merchandise, but as far as cheese goes, there is a great assortment (it's not yet the caliber of the Bevery Hills Cheese shop, but parking is so much easier!)
Favorites are: Blue du Bocage, Beaufort, and the Abbaye de Belloc.

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  1. I've also attended the grilled cheese night and have eaten a few of the sandwiches that they have there during the day too. Andrew is very very nice, accomodating and interesting. I love the little cards that he gives when you purchase cheese--personalizes the purchase and reminds you what you bought. The sandwiches were just meh--the bread is great but not appropriately chosen for each sandwich and they are definitely made by a man--i.e. big chunks of meat and cheese rather than thinly sliced delicate little nibbles.

    1. love love love this place! absolutely blows Whole Foods (my only other local quality cheese choice) out of the water! and oh!- the Cabrales! put on a seat belt.... it's pricey, but not undeservedly.

      1. This place is a gem! Andrew is knowledgeable and down-to-earth, someone who wants to share his love and enthusiasm for cheese with everyone. I had a fantastic time at one of his cheese tastings and I am currently addicted to the Monte Enebro. The most intense goat cheese I've sampled, even just a taste of the ashy rind makes my mouth water! The other staff members have also been quite pleasant.

        1. When is the Grilled Cheese and Beer Tasting night? How do I sign up?

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              thanks for the link. great website! i need to check them out.

          1. I haven't been to any of the special nights but I really appreciate the cheeses and what they're bringing to the neighborhood.

            My one hope is that they expand the other items, such as the great find of the truffle almonds that they sell.