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Nov 23, 2008 06:36 AM

Yaku -- between Courthouse and Rosslyn

Anyone been to Yaku yet? Its the new Latin American-inspired restaurant that recently opened in the Courthouse/Rosslyn area of Arlington. It was written up in the Wash Post First Bite column today and received a pretty good review. Thinking of trying it soon -- the menu online looks pretty good and reasonably priced overall.



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  1. I actually just went here for the first tme tonight for dinner. I found it very yummy. It's getting some bad reviews on the Post, but we all enjoyed it quite a bit. Nice to have a little swankier place in the neighborhood. We had:
    Mahi Mahi Tempura and shrimp/crab gyoza for appetizers.
    Braised short ribs, a peruvian chicken dish which was amazing, and fish curry stew made with Mahi Mahi.
    For dessert we had a flourless cake and rice pudding wth strawberries.

    It came to about $35/person. I'm not sure if was authentic as other people make expect, but I will definitely be going back.

    1. had dinner here last night as part of a five-course prix-fixe thing and it was terrible. i only ate because i was starving. started out with tuna tartar that tasted old, after that came wonton soup that was basically cabbagey water, followed by dry, mealy dumplings, then bland beef "stewed" with peas and carrots that i swear had just been frozen. dessert was good. fried bananas with coconut ice cream. it's a shame the food was so bad — it's a beautiful restaurant and i had a wonderful time with my friends. perhaps their regular menu is better and the food for the tastings journal event was subpar.

      1. I went there with a friend a month or so ago - not bad, not great. The drinks are pretty yummy so i definitely mean to make it back during happy hour as I live close by. We didnt order any mains just a selection of aps. Most of them were pretty good - the shrump vietnamese roll was the only real disspointment. I just ahve no idea how its going to stay open given its odd location

        1. Tried Yaku in August -- expected more! Waiters had a napkin fetish . . . test out how long on average it takes them to replace your napkin OR how many napkins they replace in a night. Best appetizer of the night's menu was the lettuce wraps. Wine list has a lot of room for improvement! The 'by-the-bottle' is not a replacement of an inspirational wine list . . . and it required a great deal more on the part of the diner to capture a fine wine to accompany their courses. Buying wine by the ounce -- 1, 3, or 5 ounces -- sure compromises the dining experience. Charitable a foursome in our experience had a bottle and a half of wine . . . spent over $100 . . . had about taste equivalent of a grocery experience . . . can you say 'rip-off"? Wish them the best . . . go for the club experience but not the dining experience!

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            in France, many wine bars sell by volume in mini carafes.

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              Enomatic Machines are spreading in Tuscany Italy. There is a wine bar in Montalcino Italy with 100 enomatic spouts with wines from €1 to €12 for a 100cl pour. We tried 45 or so Brunellos and Rossos over the course of several visits one week in Montalcino.

              In Venezia you go to a wine bar and drink by the Ombra, or about 2.5 ounces of wine.

              I think its great concept if the wines are good ones. If they are supermarket quality wines, bottle or ounce they are usually not worth drinking.