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Nov 23, 2008 05:55 AM

The folks want brunch and they want it in Lutz. Where to fellow Chowhounds?

We are going the gift certificate route for the holidays this year, and brunch is what my in-laws like best. So where to? And while they live in Lutz, they can travel some if they need to. Thx all!

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  1. I'm not really familiar with Lutz but if you saw the financial section of the newspaper today, try to pick some place that's going to be in business long enough for them to use that gift certificate. After you identify some potentials, you might want to look on the corporate website for investor information and see what their financial statements look like.

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    1. re: BeaN

      I'm from PA, so no, I didn't see the paper. Are things that bad in your area? Yikes!

      1. re: hils

        It's not "that bad" in this area - it's nationwide. Circuit City filed bankruptcy with millions in outstanding gift cards on the books. They are reportedly honoring those, but if their Chapter 11 is unsuccessful, all bets are off. The Sharper Image, in contrast specified that they don't want to honor the $40Mil in outstanding gift cards in their bankruptcy filing.

        I know that's not a restaurant example, but it's making me reconsider gift cards as a gift for anything this year. The best bet might be a visa gift card that can be used anywhere.