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Nov 23, 2008 05:07 AM

What to serve with Sourdough Bread

We bought a lovely sourdough bread and I'm looking for dinner suggestions to either cook with the bread, or serve alongside the bread. No soups, please. My husband simply does not like soup so I'm not going to be making it. While he does like chili (he doesn't consider that a soup, really, and the way I make it, it's not so soupy anyway), I'd rather not do that, because we've had it recently.

I have a plethora of ingredients available in my well-stocked pantry, freezers, and seasoning cupboard. I'm just short on inspiration today.

I've already thought of using it to make grilled cheese sammiches with swiss, muenster, and cheddar (which will probably be lunch). Other than the limitiations I've just stated, please throw your ideas at me!

Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. Spinach dip is excellent with sourdough, although that doesn't really make a meal.... Another idea is stuffing. I love sourdough in my stuffing! It gives it that delicious tang! I also love it plain toasted with butter or a nice soft cheese. Again, not a whole meal idea.

    Tonight, I am planning to make braised chicken thighs in white wine sauce with artichoke hearts and thyme. I imagine a nice hunk of sourdough would be perfect to sop of the delicious juices.

    1. When I read the title, I thought, what? You don't serve something WITH sourdough, it's the event --- or so it seems you want it to be. I go with a sandwich/panini and cheese sounds perfect. I actually ALWAYS prefer sourdough toasted, B, L or D.