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Nov 23, 2008 12:11 AM

Hakone - food

Hi - new to chowhound here but have been lurking for years soaking up the good advice.

heading to Hakone in early December - need a restaurant recommendation. I've already booked a kaiseki meal at Gora Kadan, and another evening will be spent at the restaurant at the Hyatt where i'm staying.

any recommendations vis a vis local restaurants - if there are places serving great local produce, would appreciate some info

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  1. The Gyoza Center on the way to the Hakone Open-Air Museum is pretty good. We also stayed in the Hyatt the last time we were in Hakone - I'm not an expert or a big fan of French food but the French restaurant was a pleasant surprise to my wife as to quality. The informal restaurant/bar in the lobby near the fireplace serves fairly big portions of decent pub grub - we went the week it opened and we were comp'ed for drinks there every night.

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      If you are interested in yoshoku, a Japanese gourmet friend of mine raves about the curry at the historical Fujiya Hotel, in the main dining room, The Fujiya, for lunch only. There are seven types of curry, or if you want other "yoshoku" style dishes like hayashi rice you can find it here.

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        Thanks for the recc!

        The Fujiya's tonkatsu curry was excellent, with a huge array of pickles (yay!) and an absolutely perfect tonkatsu (juicy, crisp, oozing with happiness). Just as impressive were the views in this classic dining room -- absolutely gorgeous.

        Also found some good sushi at a sliding slat-door place across from the 7-11 in Hakone Yumoto. For the most part, it didn't rival the Toko sushi I'd found (Tsukuji Dai and Midori Ginza), save for this one piece. Not sure if it was called Namaji Rasu or Shirasu. But either way, it was incredible, deliciously sweet, and so unbelievably weird. Tiny fishies, with big eyes, piled into a rolled piece of nigiri. So entirely straight-from-Star-Wars.

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        The Gyoza centre is on the way to the museum if you're setting off from Gora; if you're setting off from the nearest station to the museum, then it's in the opposite direction to the museum.

        Edit: oh and food is decent. They close between 3-5pm; we made it just before three and had a round of gyoza before settling off to our next destination.

        I'm staying at the Kinnotakke which seems to be a good onsen ryokan - kaiseki is pretty good. My other onsen ryokan experiences have been in Hokkaido - Mizu no ute and Sanyoan both very good and a bit cheaper than the Hakone places. I guess that's just the effect of the locality.

      3. Would highly recommend Shinsei Soba (深生そば) by the lake for lunch. I'm there everytime I go to Hakone

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        1. Sundaydriver - how were your meals at the Hyatt and Gora Kadan - I am staying a couple of nights at the Hyatt this October. Thanks.