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Pimento cheese

Does anyone know of a place to get pimento cheese? Either a restaurant to order a sandwich or a shop to buy it would be fine. It's one thing I really miss.

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  1. Have they stopped making Philadelphia Pimento Cream Cheese?
    I have not seen it in the stores in years?
    I really miss it.

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    1. re: Smachnoho

      I think you are correct. They stopped making it. I couldn't find it
      on the Kraft website. My mother used to make stuffed celery
      as an appetizer for T-Day. You can make yourself with pimento
      and softened cream cheese but that's a pain.

      1. re: Smachnoho

        I have to amend my answer - I found it as a spread. Good luck
        finding it though:


      2. Fairway has a great storemade pimento cheese. They also have a manufactured version that is not as good, though the smoked gouda with green chilies cheese dip by the same brand is pretty delicious.

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        1. re: JungMann

          PRODUCT RESURECTION!!! I saw this product recently in the milk section at the Morton Williams Supermarket on the corner of Laguardia Place and Bleecker. They had three types, same ol' glass jar and all. So old school, even the packaging and font style! Made me wanna pull on a sweater, grab an English setter and sit by a fireplace!

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            Is it in the deli section? I made some with my cuisinart a couple weeks ago. A new cheese shop opened up in my neighborhood and I felt like giving them some business. $15 for a lb of cheddar later I have the most expensive pimento cheese of all time. It's awesome though and FYI super easy to make (grated cheese, mayo, seasoning of your choice, a little cream cheese, and some pimentos).

            1. re: jgradieoakes

              Fairway used to have pimento cheese in the cheese section, but they have not replenished their stock in months. I keep asking the cheesemongers when they expect new stock to come in, but it has become quite apparent that they haven't a clue what has happened to the product and when it will be available again. I could make pimento cheese a weekend DIY project, but more likely I will pick up the homemade version at Fil-Am Market.

          2. I always grab a gouda version at Whole Foods Chelsea (WF's brand, you can find it in the cheese section/dips/spreads)...I could literally eat the stuff with a spoon!


            1. just had some today (for what i think was the first time ever). you are welcome to the rest ~just kidding~ but i saw it at trader joe and tried it, this was the first time i saw it there too, so it may be a new item

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                I saw the Trader Joes' pimento cheese and tried it a couple months ago. I was unimpressed; it didn't taste like what I'm used to in the South. It wasn't even nearly as good as the Price's brand you can buy in grocery stores down there.

                1. re: IrvingBK

                  Wow, I just discovered TJ's Pimento Cheese spread and I'm totally addicted! Going to S. Carolina soon, so I can't wait to try what they have there!

              2. GIANT should have it. I stuffed celery with it over the holidays.