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Nov 22, 2008 06:08 PM

Country Cat... overrated

Went to Country Cat for a birthday brunch today. I was surprised they charged a $1.50 per plate to cut and serve cake. Seems much higher than need be. The food was OK, but the service was slow. I had been looking forward to trying it as I had read it made so many top picks of other Chowhounders. Not sure if it is worth giving another try. Thoughts?

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  1. I have no problem paying "cakeage". Just like bringing outside wine. They are in business to make money not to provide free space, cutting and serving service, plates napkins & silverware, and clean-up for you to bring outside food. It sounds like a fair charge to me. Some places prohibit it entirely citing health code, as they could be held liable if someone were to get sick. Perhaps next time if you want to buy a cake and bring it somewhere you might prefer to go to a park and eat it, no offense intended.

    I've not been but it's on my list. Have heard mostly, but far from totally, rave reviews.

    1. "Cakeage" is a fair charge. Some places charge, others don't, some don't even let you bring outside cake in...gotta ask all the questions when you make the reservation. I don't think that $1.50pp is that bad for that charge. Last time I did that, I was at Tabla and they didn't charge cakeage at all.

      Aside from that, I like Country Cat...but I think that it is a good restaurant, not a great one. I have not been to weekend brunch there, but it seems to get better reactions overall than dinner.

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        I'm looking forward to trying the fried chicken.

      2. All restaurants at some point or another become overrated, usually when the owner take a deserved day off, or a server stayed out too late the night before, or a kitchen prep-er mistakes salt for sugar in a recipe, yada, yada. I don't know that I'd put Country Cat at the top of my short list but I have been impressed with the food and service on my past 3 visits, although I have NOT been to brunch. The "cakeage" fee doesn't sound extravagant to me.

        1. Brunch service is always slow. Considering how much front/back of the house hate working brunch due to hangovers, missing football, etc. $1.50/pp 'cakeage' is a bargain.