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Nov 22, 2008 05:58 PM

iggies pizza

Anyone been their lately. We usually go 3 to 4 times a month. We feel the service gets more surely by the day. Were their last night it was not a pleasant experience!! Still love the pizza but will probably put it on the back burner since there are so many other good places to eat

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  1. If you're on a special diet and request modifications to the offerings, even reasonable ones, the customer is always wrong.

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    1. re: chowsearch

      i totally disagree. i am on weight watchers and always mess with their pizzas (i.e. can i have half the cheese, can i have no pancetta, can i have whatever). not only are they accommodating and pleasant, the pizzas taste great despite the fact that i basically butcher them.

      1. re: rudmansjmu

        Speakinng of modifications, I have to share this as an example of what it's like to be on the other side of things. I was at Iggie's last night, and in chatting with the owners, they were telling me of a customer who came in and demanded that they make eggs. The reply was to call the customers attention to the menu, which has no egg dishes, and to explain that there are no egg dishes on the menu, they don't serve eggs, it's a pizza place, and so on, bu the customer just wouldn't give up.

        Now I don't think that incident resulted in any Chowhound postings, but it does remind me that when I do see a post on Chowhound that just doesn't seem to match up with my experience, or that of other posters, there are three general possibilities.
        1) Mistakes happen, at even the best places. Somebody goofed, or was having a bad day, or had some other crisis in their lives that affected their performance at the restaurant.
        2) The anomalous experience described is the first sign of a change, in either direction. Formerly bad restaurants sometimes improve, and reliable places sometimes go downhill. Stuff happens, and the post today may be describe the new reality, no matter how far that may be from the old consensus.
        3) Maybe there's more to the story than the poster is telling. Maybe they ordered eggs in a pizza place and didn't like the response.

        The point is, that it's hard to judge until one post becomes a trend.

        1. re: Warthog

          Seriously? someone tried to order eggs at Iggies? Like a fried egg on a pizza? or just straight up, can I get some scrambled eggs? Either way that is so weird.

          I'm with you on your list though. I've been to Iggies a whole bunch of times. There have certainly been occasions where if that had been my only experience, I would have never returned. Luckily that's only happened once or twice.

          Everyone has off nights.

    2. I don't think of Iggie's as a place to go for service... We were there last weekend and the counter order-taker couldn't get off the phone to take our order. But, really, it's a self-serve place, so I don't expect much except for their fabulous pizza!

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      1. re: maddogg280

        Your right but I do expect the order taker to be pleasant and get the order correct

        1. re: sas

          I love iggies concept, never had issues with the service. However, I wish they would
          hand spread their dough instead of the roller pin. The pin takes the life out of the crust.

      2. I go fairly frequently, and I've never had that problem. Long lines or difficulty in finding a place to sit on busy nights, yes. Occasional confusion when the help clears my table as I stand in line to order a second round of pizza - yep, that has happened in summer, when there's no coat on the chair to signal "this person is still here!"

        But surly? I've neve had that. I've heard exasperated on the part of "The Pizza Guy" if he calls out an order repeateedly and loudly, and the patron isn't paying attention, but even then, never surly - his response to such situations tends to be more humorous than angry.

        That said, the one situation that *might* trigger "surly is if on a busy night, after standing in line, the patron gets up to order and only then starts to think about what they might want. And if that's what happened, frankly, I'd be far more surly than I've ever seen the Iggie's staff be. It's simple, really. The place is busy, there's people in line behind you, so you do your part to make the process efficient.

        If you worry about them getting the order correct, then have them repeat it back to you. I can't tell you how many times I've been in line behind people who change their order twenty seven times before they reach "final answer". I'm not saying that's the *only* cause of an order mix-up, but it sure contributes. As I said, be ready, be decisive, be clear, be polite, and odds are that you'll never have a problem no matter how busy they are. Do your part to make it work, and you win.

        And if the order taker is on the phone, remember that the person on the phone is almost certainly also a customer, and they get their turn, too. Iggie's doesa lot of carry out business, and there's only one order person.

        As another poster has noted, they're even very accommodating on odd requests, as long as you know what you want, and get on with it.

        Maybe I've simply been lucky, but Iggie's would be very near the top of my "Baltimore area restaurants least likely to be the scene of a hassle" list. And it's not like I never experience problems - I can think of a few places over the years where I think the staff must have practiced to take screw-ups and conflict to such a high level of art form.

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        1. re: Warthog

          Warthog makes several good points, and ones that can be applied to any pizza place with a busy take out business. And fwiw - I put in the same special request every time I order (no extra squirt of olive oil on top when it comes out of the oven) and they accommodate, often with a funny quip about how healthy olive oil is. I've never tried to order a meat pizza with no meat, nor a cheese pizza with no cheese, though I have been with somebody for whom a similar request was declined matter of factly. Never surly.

          1. re: crackers

            The "meat pizza with no meat" comment reminds me of the notices all over the menu board indicating that "pancetta is still meat!" and that vegetarians should not expect a refund if they order a pizza with it. And there is the sign at the order station indicating that if one has restrictions, that one should make them clear when ordering, so that one can be advised of any potential problems. I know that some probably take offense at those signs, but it seems to me that if one has dietary restrictions, whether voluntary, for medical reasons, for ethical reasons or for religious reasons, one should be willing to do the work to understand what one is eating, and be willing to let the staff of a restaurant know how they can help meet (no pun intended) your needs.

            Restaurants are not clairvoyant - they can only comply with constraints that you *tell* them about.

            That said, if you tell them and they provide you something that goes specifically against what you requested, or what they told you they would do, you then have a legitimate beef (that one was intentional). It's not *your* fault if the message gets lost between waiter/ order taker and kitchen/chef.

            As I noted, I've found Iggie's to be pretty adaptable, or at least straightforward in politely saying no if they can't satisfy your request.

            Grace Garden is another example of a place that I've found to go out of their way to try and figure out exactly how to make the food to the customer's desires. Actually, with only a few exceptions, I've found that most restaurants will be polite with special requests, if those requests are made politely - even if their response is to politely express their regret that they can't comply with your requirements.

        2. i remember reading that Iggies offered 1/2 price pizza on Monday nights. On their website it says they are closed on Mondays. anyone know if they still offer the 1/2 price a different night?

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          1. re: charmgirl

            not open on Mondays but recently added Sundays hours for lunch and dinner

            1. re: charmgirl

              I don't believe they have a half-price night anymore.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I also had a horrible experience at Iggies and will never go back there. While I like the pizza, I have never been treated so poorly in a restaurant. Bagbys, joes and Chazz are all much more enjoyable.