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Nov 22, 2008 05:37 PM

Newbury Street Lunch Spot

Where's the best spot for lunch on Newbury Street on a Sunday? I'm not a fan of Stephanies (the food is so mediocre) - other than that, I'm open. Thanks for your help.

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  1. There is not much on Newbury, except La Voile, which I love. They serve lunch Friday through Sunday.

    1. Most Back Bay restaurants serve brunch on Sundays (and Saturdays). There are better choices over on Boylston. Both Vlora and the new Sel de la Terre are good. For a fancy sandwich lunch, Parrish Cafe.

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        Second Vlora and Sel de la Terre.

      2. Not too popular on this board, but Bouchee served us a very nice breakfast a few weeks ago. Service was very good and our waiter was pretty amusing.

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          No one's mentioned the Parish Cafe. Not too far away on Boylston. Am I out of the loop?

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            See BBHound's post above. Beat you by two hours.

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              Whoops! must not have read the last two words there. my bad.
              Anyway, I've always loved the celebrity sandwiches at Parrish (two rr's, eh?)

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                Hmmm. This board needs a spell checkerr.

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                  thought that was chequer. If you're gonna be spellchequering I have problems.

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            We had a really nice lunch at Bouchee last Sunday. Salad nicoise was reasonably well executed and Mr. Rabbit liked the sausage and sauerkraut. We sat at the zinc bar and it was a very pleasant spot for people watching and indulging in weekend drinkies with lunch. We found the service very good too.

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              Bouchee has a great burger and fresh fries.

            2. IMO Bouchee's food and service are very mediocre. It's totally off our list.

              La Voile or the hike to Brasserie Jo or Petit Robert are better options.

              1. We like to go to the Summer Shack at Mass Ave & Boylston, in the Hilton (with its own entrance off Mass Ave). It's a nice Sunday lunch.