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Nov 22, 2008 03:35 PM

arroz de conejo - rabbit rice

caught an episode of 'Made in Spain' and the chef made a very nice looking dish called "arroz de conejo - rabbit rice"

so, wanted to find from you folks who know of any good restaurants in/around pasadena/glendale where I can get this dish

thanks muchos

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  1. Sounds delish...never heard of it. Unfortunately, good, heck even decent, Spanish Food in this city is as common as an empty stretch on the rush-hour 405.

    1. You might think about talking to one of the local Spanish restaurants like La Paella and see if they feature rabbit as a special or if the chef might be intrigued enough to offer this some night as a special (with the understanding that you would come and partake). Also, arroz rabbit could certainly be done at home (which may be your only final option).

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        thanks Bob.. seems like an interesting (and expensive :) ) restaurant..

      2. Bar Pintxo (Santa Monica) had this as a special recently.