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Nov 22, 2008 02:05 PM

Old Dutch Pancake House, Holborn, London

The bitterbollen, meatballs served with a sharp mustard, seem to be mostly filler, barely any trace of pork flavour.

The pancakes are pretty good - thin, soft, with a tiny bit of chew, texturally very satisfying. The apples in it are rarther tart, although the vanilla ice cream comes to the rescue here, as do a decent sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

I probably wouldn't mind having more of their pancakes.

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  1. I went here a couple of years ago and while the banana and chocolate pancakes were really tasty I have to agree on the meatballs which we also had - they were tasteless and had a rather odd texture.

    Not sure if I'd pay a second visit - service was random, and the time we visited they had problems with a smell in the restaurant when the toilet blocked which wasn't helping me enjoy food!!!

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      The serving sizes are ridiculously huge so I would have like to try a sweet as well as savoury but just couldn't manage it - Limster you obviously have a second stomach or hollow legs! I think a new one has just opened in Kensington.

    2. I went there yesterday for lunch and thought it was pretty good, and a reasonably good value. They do a 2 or 3 course lunch for £7.95/£10.95 that I enjoyed. I think if you're out in that bit of town, say visiting the British Museum, it is a good stop. Service was friendly and efficient.

      Cheese Parcels - who doesn't like fried cheese with a nicely dressed bit of rocket and peppers on the side?

      Amsterdammer Pancake - very nice bacon, real maple syrup, but could do with more apples. Good pancake.

      Waffes with ice cream and fruit compote - large portion of 2 waffles piled high with fruit and 2 scoops of ice cream.