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Nov 22, 2008 01:29 PM

Light seafood meal at bar?

My wife and I are going to be in New Orleans from Manhattan for 4-5 days just after Thanskgiving. I've been numerous times in the past. My wife has a very light appetite so I would like to orient our dining towards some lighter, appetizer-type meals and places with good fish dishes that are lighter (ceviche, grilled tuna, etc rather than jambalaya-risotto-shrimp-stuffed redfish or fried oysters); she also likes to eat at the bar. We're pretty informal and, while in the right circumstances, I like places like Commander's, I'm looking for less "traditional" places. Lilette is basically the style of place I'm looking for, but I could see slotting in Herbsaint or even Cochon (probably heavier than desired, but right type of setting/atmosphere). Maybe August? Patois? Cuvee sounds interesting, maybe too heavy. Doesn't have to be Creole or Cajun-inspired, for that matter. Also, location isn't critical.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I love Rio Mar. Their ceviche is fabulous. They just expanded the bar area. Please try the tuna empanada also.

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      Thank you! I will certainly add Rio Mar to the list. Any other ideas from Hounders also welcome.

      Thanks again.


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        You can try Rambla as well - the bar itself isn't great, but you can sit at the counter where they cut their jamon serrano and chorizo. They have small plates including shrimp, seviche, grilled octopus (really good) and mussels.

    2. great bar and several seafood app/small plate options at Sbisa...I 've tried it twice now and have been really blown away by the quality and execution of the dishes

      1. I would have said Rio Mar as well.