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Nov 22, 2008 12:52 PM

Seattle is delicious!

I live in Boston and just spent 4 days in Seattle. I wanted to report back on my trip because it was completely delicious and I got many of the places from searching Chowhound. So, thanks!

I went to happy hour twice at Chapel. The bitter strawberry drink is fantastic, the bar staff there were fun and friendly, and I love the atmosphere. I had a tasty cheese plate there and some fish tacos that were very good, but would have been even better with corn tortillas. I got delicious crusty bread, a decent egg sandwich, and an amazing carrot muffin from Dahlia bakery. I ate perfectly charred pizza at Tutta Bella. I had one of the best meals of my life at Etta's (halibut and brussel sprouts, what could be better?). I had a fantastic apple fritter from Top Pot. I got amazing lattes from Victrola, Uptown Espresso, Vivace, and Top Pot (that is in order of deliciousness, though I only had one from each, so it's not exactly a reliable sampling). And I had a few other meals that were decent but not great (when I wasn't in charge of choosing the restaurant).

I wasn't able to get to Matt's in the Market, Lunchbox Laboratory, or Zig Zag, but hopefully next time!

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  1. We're so glad there will be a next time and please check back with us when plannng your trip.. Thanks for the report.