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Nov 22, 2008 12:14 PM

Good hot dogs on west side?

Any recs? I'm hungry now!.

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  1. Try the Let's Be Frank cart in the Helms Bakery Complex, Culver City- across from Father's Office II.

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    1. re: cakewhole

      Let's be Frank was pretty delicious.
      Thanks. I'll try Marty D's next.

      1. re: antob

        Lets be frank is also open at night at Abbot Kinney! :D


        1. re: Dommy

          I tried the beef dogs twice and didn't get what the big deal is, and even more importantly it was downright expensive. yes, it's made of grass-fed beef and orgnanic, no nitrates nor nitrites, but i'll take flavor any day.

    2. Marty D's on Beverly Drive, south of Wilshire.

      1. don't be lazy and drive to fab dogs :)

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        1. re: ns1

          i just got back from lunch at fab dogs and am sorry to say i was totally underwhelmed. shared a bald eagle (ripper with mustard relish) with a friend and this was tasty and certaunly unique. had the dialy special which was a dog with red cabbage, cheddar and deli mustard, my friend had a chili burger. we shared tots and garlic fries. other than the ripper, it was really pedestrian.
          on the west side. both nate n' al's and junior's have very good grilled hot dogs. get them with cheese, slaw, onions and deli mustard and it's a pretty tasty dog. although carney's is in west hollywood, that's closest good chili dog i can think of to the west side. there's the stand in century city, but i don't think it's open on weekends.

          1. re: jay 1

            there is also a fairly new branch of The Stand in Westwood Village, on the east side of Westwood Blvd. north of Lindbrook. they do that special on mondays with plain dogs a buck and loaded ones for $2.50. the biggest, cheapest dogs are sold at Diddy Riese, the cookie and ice cream sandwich place up on Broxton. they sell big quarter-pound all beef dogs, probably kosher, on an oversized roll for $1.50, $2 w/ a small soda. unfortunately, these are steamed and left heating in an aluminum paper wrap, not fresh or grilled. the branch of the original Tommy's, in Santa Monica on the S/W corner of Pico and Lincoln, serves the chilicheesedog. i tried one recently and had mixed impressions -- it was certainly long and loaded, but i found it absolutely impossible to eat without resorting to a knife and fork. the dog had a lot of spice, but it was steamed or boiled, not grilled. (i'll bet they might grill it on request, though.) i've liked that Tommy's of late, but i'm realizing it is mostly for their fries -- a huge order, and they'll actually do them extra-well when ordered extra-crispy.

            1. re: nosh

              There is also an outpost of the Stand in Century City...


            2. re: jay 1


              Well I love the bald eagle; I don't like the special dog you had so much. I think their burgers are pretty damn good. I'm not a fan of the garlic fries, but love tots (protip, garlic tots = godly).

              but yeah, how were the tots pedestrian? you don't find tots like that anywhere else; and tell me your dog didn't have a lovely snap (unless your dog was grilled...)

              As much as I hate to say it, maybe you ordered the wrong things?

              IMHO their strengths are the BE, mustard relish, burgers, tots, and steamed dogs. When you get the steamed dogs they come with a lovely snap; the only time I actually enjoyed their grill dogs was in the mexicali dog.

              but of course, if it didn't work for you then maybe it just didn't work for you (i mean every restaurant on this board has had people come in and be underwhelmed)

              1. re: ns1

                you are correct about the tots....they were very good. overall, i was very disappointed after all i've read. maybe i did order wrong, althought the red cabbage and cheese was one of my favorites at the weiner factory, so i hoped i'd get something close at fab's. given that it's a good 30 min. drive, i don't know when i'll give it another try.

          2. The bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs from the cart next to B & B Hardware on Washington. Hey can't go wrong with a Costco Dog, although I have heard they no longer use Hebrew National.

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            1. re: Burger Boy

              I suggested this cart to someone a few weeks ago because of a previous thread mentioning the bacon wrapped dogs, but when they got there the guy only had regular boiled dogs. Plus, I was told it wasn't very good! Wicked disappointing.

              1. re: baloney

                Marty's Combo on Pico in West LA is pretty good (they grill them!) although I like Marty D's a bit better!

                1. re: handlertaper

                  do they still butterfly (split em lengthvise0 and grill their dogs? i'm not a fan of butterflied dogs.

                  but they do have great the great Vienna Beef as the purveyor of their dogs.

                2. re: baloney

                  Hmm....I've eaten at the hot dog cart by B&B many times and only once did he run out of the bacon wrapped weiner. He warned me though that he only had the plain wieners left and it was still pretty good. He cooks it there (not boiled a far as I can tell). He had a bunch of the uncooked bacon wrapped wieners in a plastic bag which he pulls out to cook as he needs them. I usually get it with everything (in fact he knows me well enough to do it automatically); ketchup, mayo, his chunky avocado guacamole and grilled onions. Gotta back up "Burger Boy's" recommendation because he seconded my motion on a previous hot dog thread where I mentioned the B&B guy. Seeing "Dommy's" rec below about a vendor at a Catholic church at Inglewood and Culver I wonder if it's the same guy since he's not at B&B on Sundays.

                3. re: Burger Boy

                  There is also a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Vendor who comes to the Catholic Church on Inglewood and Culver after Sunday services.. if you are REALLY lucky though, the Church Ladies are selling Tamales too! :D


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Thanks for the tip "Dommy." I did go out last weekend and found the hot dog vendor by the church. He was there with his teenaged daughter. Very nice folks, but alas it is not the guy by B&B. It was kind of late so the church parking lot was empty and it was cold so I was the only customer so I got a good helping of the grilled onions on my dog. No avocado guacamole unfortunately. They are there from around 9am to 6pm on Sundays only, so at least I can get my "fix" on Sundays. I'll have to cruise around though, those tamales definitely sound intriguing.

                4. OKI DOG OKI DOG OKI DOG OKI DOG.
                  sorry, i can't help myself.
                  i was just there the other night and it was WONDERFUL.
                  so much salty, cholesterol pumped goodness.

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                  1. re: alkylyou

                    are the dogs, all beef, at oki dogs?

                    actually never tried it , i always just make a beeline towards their Pastrami Burritos, which is literally a months' worth of fat and calories.