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Nov 22, 2008 11:43 AM

Lunch near the airport?

I'd love recs for lunch near the airport - tomorrow (Sunday), someplace that isn't totally meat-oriented, and that my 89-year-old grandmother would like - she loves dives, but nothing too dive-y. Pizza is out because my sister is lactose intolerant.


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  1. Angela's Cafe, a great family operated, storefront Mexican, is open until 3:00 on Sundays.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Thanks for the rec, but apparently NO spicy food - any other thoughts?

    2. Oran Cafe(Morrocan)or Rincon Limeno (Peruvian) are short cab rides from the case your grandmother can't walk too far.

      I ihghly recommend both...and neither is too spicy..unless you add the hot stuff.

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      1. re: 9lives

        I don't find Angela's spicy, and Luis can always help you with your choices...Oran and Rincon are both great recommendations; Oran is very plain in decor, and fairly meat oriented, but Hanan will cook what you'd like, especially if you call ahead (If her # is not on the other thread, I will post it here tomorrow early); Rincon has a variety of choices, including a spectacular ceviche, if anyone is big on seafood! And Spinelli's, across the street, has a couple of tiny tables, with cannolis and other pastries for dessert....

        1. re: fredid

          These are great suggestions, but I think that my grandmother is just not up for it - any other non-ethnic suggestions? (Sorry, I should have been clearer - I wasn't aware of her restrictions at first). Any good Italian?

          1. re: sallyt

            Eastie has really changed over (at least with restaurants) from Italian - witness the recent closure of Cafe Italia, which would have been perfect. Jevelli's and Rino's are still open, I believe, but I've eaten at neither - check the board to see if there are any recent recommendations of these, or maybe another Hound could pipe in here.

            Another possibility that comes to mind, if your sister doesn't eat pizza but does eat meat, is for her to get the lamb or sausage skewers at Santarpio's, while the rest of you indulge in other artery clogging treats! I'm not a fan of the meat, myself, but others are.

            I still think Angela's (Sun, before 3) will do the trick - sunny, lovely food, not Tex Mex, and can be made (somewhat) to order - Would she enjoy brunch food (Angela's also does nice, non-Mex breakfasts - eggs, french toast...) while you and your sister went a little farther afield? How about shrimp in cilantro sauce - Angela does this beautifully; I think there are non-spicy treasures to be mined, here!