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Nov 22, 2008 11:40 AM

wine stores in Myrtle Beach?

Are there any stores that offer unique and high quality selections with a knowledgeable staff? I'm not looking for anything terribly fancy, just a place to pick up a bottle or two of something off-the-beaten path.

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  1. Don't know where you live and whether you have been to SC recently. But, all the groceries sell wine and you should be able to pick up some interesting selections. Some groceries feature wines from NC and SC. Biltmore House in Asheville NC makes some nice wines and I have seen those in stores in the Myrtle Beach area.

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      Good question, I'm visiting for the first time from Boston, where most grocery stores don't carry alcohol. I forgot that was an option. I'm excited to try some local wine.

      1. re: aperitif

        lowes grocery store has a great selection...sams club has cheap prices if you have a and wine are everwhere...hard liquor has its own package stores

    2. Greene's on King's Hwy (near 30th Ave.) has a good selection. If you're willing to venture out a bit, go up 501 to Wine Styles in the Carolina Forest shopping center. They're a chain, but they have some interesting wines, knowledgable staff, and wine tastings on Thursdays and Fridays.