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Nov 22, 2008 11:35 AM

MSP - Bulk Cranberries?

So im not making cranberry sauce this year (i'd like to say ive delegated but in reality everyone was fine with - requested, even - the canned stuff) but i still wanted to make a few of cocktails with a couple of cranberries in them in the festive spirit. problem is i dont want to waste a whole 1 lb bag for the sake of a garnish. Is there somewhere in the twin cities - minneapolis or st paul only, or VERY near suburb - where i can buy loose cranberries or bagged cranberries in quantities less than 1 lb (and thereby avoid wasting the other 12 oz or so i dont want) ?

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  1. I was just at the Mississippi Market on Dale & Selby, and they had bulk cranberries-- a big bin right in the produce section. Can't miss 'em!

    1. Cranberries freeze nicely. Pop the leftovers in your freezer for whenever you need them.

      1. Thanks, Kristin, but i think im going to "bite the bullet" and get a whole bag - as jordan suggested ill probably freeze any leftovers (now finding space in the freezer is another story).

        1. makes sense to freeze them.. they also make great ice cubes in the future. They won't water down your drink. Besides, how much time and money would you waste by driving out of your way, finding a parking spot, etc to buy 1/2 a pound of cranberries.

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            this was the exact thought that had me picking up a (12oz!) bag at the store last night.

            thanks for the ice cube tip