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Your pick for a Top Chef Guest Judge.

Who would you like to see as a guest judge that has never been a guest judge before on Top Chef.

My pick is Micheal Symon.

What about you?

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  1. Henry "Hank" Adaniya, absolutely!

    1. Symon's a good call.

      i'd also like to see Mario Batali...or maybe Mark Bittman.

        1. For pure theater, how about Marcel from season two. Myself, I'd like to see more Donatella Arpaia.

          1. Just because of his name....

            Flavor Flav

            J/K I would like Micheal Symon, Brian Polcyn, or a joint appearance of Takeshi Kaga and Mark Dacascos AKA The Chairmen

            1. love symon. has steingarten ever been on? could be fun. batali would be interesting. my guess however is that food network has pretty exclusive contracts.

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                Steingarten would be great. Add Bonecrusher to judge with him, and I think it would be a homerun.

              2. The Food Critic aka Fortune Teller from the original Iron Chef in Japan.

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                1. re: tastyjon

                  Gordon Ramsey, He would be the Simon Cowell of Top Chef.

                  1. re: HZ20

                    ooh that's a good one. has jaime oliver been on? i like him too.