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Nov 22, 2008 10:05 AM

Urgent: Hwy 80 Iowa / Indiana / Illinois good food?

Hi all!

My friends are on the road and didn't think ahead of time...they already missed Newton, home of Maytag. They're heading to Rochester NY.

Know of any great eateries or food companies they shouldn't miss near Highway 80 ?

Or if you know of good website (didn't find a lot on Roadtrip America) that has a map already set up with great food? They're still reeling from having eaten at a Wendy's last night.

Thanks! I will be forwarding them all your advice. :)

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  1. Here are places where you can find plenty of recommendations for stops along your route:

    Iowa City:

    Northwest Indiana:

    South Bend:


    Multiple cities on I-80:

    In the Chicago area, I recommend Amanacer Tapatio in Joliet for Mexican food, Tallgrass in Lockport for fine dining, and Tin Fish in Tinley Park for seafood; all are reasonably close to I-80.