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Nov 22, 2008 09:58 AM

Hong Kong: Island Tang-any review

Just read this article on International Herald Tribune about Island Tang, a new Dim Sum place started by David Tang, the founder of Shanghai Tang and China Club. Has anybody tried this place? Any comment appreciated.

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  1. ***Disclaimer*** I run a video website about food, and was hosted in Hong Kong last week by the tourist board.

    While in HK last week we were treated to a lunch at Island Tang... The main room is great; but as VIP's (me and my crew) we were seated in a private room at the back, and so ended up feeling completely disconnected from the restaurant.

    The service - not as good as the prices might make you expect. Our drink order was mixed up, and the server who poured our water did so with such vigour that he splashed everywhere.

    The food - Completely forgettable! You know it is amazing how a hole in the wall restaurant on just about any street in HK can provide better food than this place. I mean come on, for the cost of our meal we could have eaten for a week somewhere else and been more satisfied by the flavour. Great ambience can only go so far if you can't follow up with what arrives on the plate.


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      I respectfully disagree that the food was forgettable. I think it's very solid Canto fare. Is it the cheapest meal you can have? Of course not, this is David Tang you are talking about. But is the food any good? Definitely. And the setting is classic David Tang. And I believe that he is not the real owner, but the inspiration behind it.

      My blogpost:

    2. haven't tried it out myself, but Time Out HK has...