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Nov 22, 2008 07:51 AM

Andiamo! Santa Fe restaurant

I have happened upon this restuarants and it looks wonderful yet I can't find much online about it except at tripadvisor.

It has been around over 10 years and seems to focus on local food sources.

Have you eaten there? If so, how was it?


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  1. I really like this place. In a little bungalow across from the railyard, it's cozy and has a neighborhood feel. I love the bread and oil. Some of my favorites are the polenta appitizer, the charcuterie plate, also the pizzas are wonderful, thin and crisp with just the right ammount of toppings. Their Bolongese is one of the best I've had. Some times its a lasagne some times over pasta. I've also been inpressed with the mussels, a large bowl brimming with broth and aromatics.
    And don't pass up dessert. The chocolate pot de creme is a delight, and they have a granita parfait: a fruit sorbet with vanilla gelato served in a wine glass, it's like a gourmet creamsicle.
    The service is friendly and the wine list has a good number of bargains. The only thing bad I can say is the tables are fairly close together, so you may get to hear your neighbor's conversation or your chair may get bumped, but that's the only downside.
    Definatly check this place out, you'll be glad you did.
    P.S. I am not employed here or a friend, I just like it that much. Nacl

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    1. re: Salt_ofthe_Earth

      I have already made reservations! We will be going New Years Eve - we don't usually go out on that night, but figured "what the hey?" for this year.

      Thanks for confirming my feelings.

      1. re: DebitNM

        DebitNM, we were there several -- I'm guessing about six -- years ago, upon a recommendation of a friend. While we don't still have those notes, I have an independent memory of a cozy, intimate setting, and every dish being well executed. I am guessing you won't be disappointed. Good luck!

        1. re: grantham

          We booked reservations and got a nice email from the owner as a reply to my email.

          My only hesistation is that this will be NY Eve dinner, and I am hoping that won't interfere too much with what I have already read about Andiamo. The have a prix fixe menu @$49 a person for three course dinner, with some lovely selections. Will report back.


          1. re: DebitNM

            Please do report back! Don't know why we haven't returned in six years.

    2. full time resident, from Dallas.
      I eat at Andiamo regularly, and use it as one of my favorite entertaining spots for out of towners.
      It is a very cozy spot, with always great food. Like having dinner in someone's home.
      Do not miss the pork Loin, the crispy duck legs, the polenta appetizer. Or the chocolate pots de creme for dessert.
      Ask for a table in Willow's area. She is a very polished waitperson/manager.
      Prices are very reasonable, you should definitely use reservations.
      Another great S.F. place is Mauka.
      Both have menus on their websites.

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      1. re: kennythepig

        Thanks for another :YES" vote. Got the reservations and can't wait!. No chocolate pots de creme on the special NYE menu :o(


        1. re: DebitNM

          I can't believe I didn't come back here to report that we had an excellent dinner at Andiamo!

          Despite it being NYE, the experience was top notch. The service was good and the food even better.

          DH had fried oysters with aioli, I had gravlax and arrugula salad. We both had rack of lamb for dinner. DH had flourless chocolate torte and I had profiteroles with fudge sauce and ice cream.

          A winner in our book! Try it...