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Four Leftover Sliced Sweet Potatoes- What to do?

I just made http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/298769 and must have used unusually large sweet potatoes, as I have a ton left. What can I do with the leftover sliced sweet potatoes? I don't want them to go to waste. Preferably something on the healthier side. Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. smashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, sweet potato gnochi, soup - I had leftover mashed sweet potato and can't have cream ( so sad so very sad)... but used coconut cream and chix stock, smidge of five spice.....yum! I've made almost a moussaka using blanched sweet potatoes in place of eggplant - it was good.

    1. You can make Sweet Potato & Black Bean Soup
      1 clove garlic minced
      4 green onions diced
      1 tblsp canola oil
      4 sweet potatoes cut in small cubes
      1 bag of peeled baby carrots
      5 cups chicken or vegetable stock
      1 tblsp cumin
      1 can diced green chillis
      2 cans black beans ( drained and rinsed)
      salt & pepper to taste
      1/4 cup cilantro
      yogurt or sour cream

      Saute onions and garlic for 1 minute. Add stock and baby carrots ( if your sweet potatoes were uncooked you would dice them and cook them with carrots). Simmer till carrots are well done ( falling apart when you still a fork in them). Add cooked sweet potatoes, green chillis and cumin. Simmer another 5 min. Puree mixture with mixing wand or in blender ( be carefull!) Add drained black beans to mixture and heat through. Add salt, pepper and additional cumin if you like. Add cilantro and serve with dollops of sour cream or yogurt.


      1. I made really good quesadillas with leftover turkey and sweet potatoes. There are recipes all over the web. Eaten with a Mexican green sauce and another hotter one. Again, really good.

        1. If you mash them, you can freeze them until ready to eat.

          Sweet potato hash browns. I use butter, but you could fry in olive oil or just use a spray to make them a little healtier.

          If you have some turkey, pork or ham you could make hash like a corned beef hash. I would use green onions rather than regular onions and just mix meat, potatoes and onion together and fry ... you could add any spices you imagine would go well ... chipotle is nice with pork.

          And ... surprisingly ... you could make a sweet potato cobbler ... but that wouldn't be too healthy

            1. I often take sweet potatoes and slice them, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and throw on the grill after cooking a steak. They cook in short order while the steak is resting. Make sure to turn the heat down since they can burn quickly but you want to get some grill marks for some char flavor. I usually cut them in no more than 1/4 inch slices. I do the same with white potoatoes

              1. Sweet Potato Cookies from All Natural Allergy Cookbook: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free by Jeanne Marie Martin, RN. Sweet potatoes are also good in with brown rice, hazelnuts, and cranberries or currants, and some cinnamon. Serve with tamari or balsamic vinegar. Or sweet potato pie?

                1. Or sweet potato, pecan, cranberry bread from ExtraVeganZa cookbook!

                  1. Not sure if they're raw. But raw sweet potatoes can be quite tasty. I like to take a sweet potato and slice it up like carrot sticks as a side. And was it M.F.K. Fisher who said she loved to mix matchstick-thin-sliced sweet potatoes with same-sized sliced carrots in a salad? She said they looked the same, but the different (if complimentary) flavors baffled and delighted her guests.

                    1. Thanks everyone! I made the sweet potato and black bean soup. Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions!

                      1. I'm late on the reply, as you've already used them, but I often layer sliced sweet potatoes into my regular scalloped potatoes, and it is very good.

                        Also, i have recently made these:


                        Both were very good.

                        also, have not made, but plan to: