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Nov 22, 2008 07:08 AM

slow cooker & a frozen bird?

Anyone tried to use a slow cooker to cook a frozen bird, say over low heat. Did it work well? Any tips? I have several whole chickens in my freezer and don't seem to use them because they take days to defrost in my fridge.

One supposedly faster option to defrost a whole bird is to soak the bird in water and change out the water until defrosted. Anyone have an estimate of how long this would take with an average 3.5 lb chicken, for example?

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    Anyone tried to use a slow cooker to cook a frozen bird,

    The food safety police would tell you not to do it. Too much time in the "danger zone." I would defrost it in the fridge or using the cold water method...far safer, IMO. They say bout one day for every 4 lbs thawing in the fridge.

    Once thawed, however there are lots of good crock pot chicken recipes out there.

    1. Put the bird in a heavy freezer bag, suck out the air with a straw, and seal well. Fill the bathtub with cold water and toss it in. If you have something heavy to keep it submerged, all the better. Like an inverted colander topped with a wrapped brick or a cast iron pot. You won't need to change the water and it should be thawed in a few hours, if memory serves. The tub method is the traditional last ditch move for turkeys that are still partly forzen on T'day morning. To speed refrigerator thawing, put the bird on a metal baking pan. You'd be surprised how fast things thaw when they contact a good heat conductor - hence the rip-off infomercial, several years back, for the "magic" defrosting sheet, which was just a piece of metal.