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Nov 22, 2008 06:46 AM

Duck dilemma

We're doing duck this year for TG, 2 couples. I think my friend has already bought a whole duck somewhere (frozen). I always order duck when we go out if it's on the menu, but this is typically duck breast. I found the Amazing 5-hour Roast Duck and that looks great, but I think this will be a different eating experience than duck breast? ie not eaten rare? My other half is not crazy about poultry & I'm a little worried he won't like the roast duck. Is it crazy to think about removing the breasts & using the rest for something else? recommend she keep the whole duck in the freezer & pick up duck breasts? If I did that, would I buy 4 of them for 4 people, or do they split like whole chicken breasts? Are they typically sold boneless? help!

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