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Nov 22, 2008 06:14 AM

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Anyone know if any restaurant in Montreal serves this wonderful Sandwich?

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  1. Em Cafe (on Parc Ave. in Mile End) has a Monte Cristo sandwich on their brunch menu, but it was highly disappointing-- just a ham and cheese sandwich with the outsides of the bread pan-fried. My past experience with the Monte Cristo is a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich where the whole thing is battered and fried, doused with powdered sugar and served hot with maple syrup. This was served kinda lukewarm.

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    1. re: picklebird

      How disappointing. I am dying to try one like you describe. Hopefully someone will give us the scoop on where to find one.

      1. re: Andria

        Just saw the Diners, Drive-ins & Dives program on Food Network have a diner in the US offer Monte Cristo sandwich. Now wondering if any Montreal restaurants is offering a good one.

    2. Bagel Etc. (St. Laurent near Marie-anne) has one. Haven't tried it , though.

      1. Can someone that went to Guadeloupe can tell if it is the same as the Bokit...? As your description it seems similar