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Nov 22, 2008 04:35 AM

Woodstock Inn

Has anyone dined at the Inn lately? They have changed the dining room, and I found it quite odd. Similar experiences?

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  1. Hi!
    Please advise how they changed their dining room.
    We're heading up the weekend of 12/12 and we usually stop in for a drink at their bar.
    Personally we have found the place a bit "stiff" for us.
    The food is great but the atmosphere isn't "us".
    Guess we prefer the more lively crowd at Bentley's for fun, music ,and nmeeeat and potatoes and the Prince and the Pauper for a more warm atmosphere for dining (at the bar).
    We've also enjoyed the Barnard Inn and we hope the place is open when we're up there.

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      They closed the dining room sometime this summer, and renovated the former space that they served breakfast in, and now call it the Red Rooster. Kind of surreal - very modern, there is an awkward space you move through to the dining room that is a sad homage to the Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC. We did not like it. They also stopped serving food in the tavern, which is still open for drinks. I agree - the Woodstock Inn is just not "us". Please do not miss - do not miss - dining at Pane Salute. Incredible. Prince and the Pauper has gone down a bit in recent years, so really don't miss Pane. Have fun.

      1. re: bbalmer

        Thanks Bbalmer!
        We're headfing up for a long weekend in December and we will try Pane Salute on your advices.
        We were at Prince and Pauper this summer and we found both the service and the food excellent.
        We ate at the bar and we were served by a great bartender who was an exceptionally nice,fellow fellow who has worked their for years.
        Thnaks again!
        Appreciative Catnip

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          Love Pane y Salute. Great food and fantastic wines. Stop in at Allechante, below Pane Y Salute for lunch while you are in town and leave room for one of their pastries.

    2. Did you know that there's a Woodstock in every New England state, except Rhode Island? The most famous, in New York, makes up for them.

      1. Hubby and I just stayed there last week for 3 nights. We were so disappointed with the food and service and atmosphere of the new restaurant. First off the decor doesn't "fit" the Woodstock Inn, and the whole Vermont atmosphere. They are trying to make a hip looking sleek restaurant in a cozy inn and it just doesn't work. Upon walking in the bar is situated on the left. The bar is sleek and modern with tons of glass in front. When you enter the dining area, all you notice is the sqare shaped fountain in the middle of the restaurant. Very odd and very distracting. The floors and walls are cold and the booths were OK. The food was overpriced (WAYYYY overpriced) but lukily for us we had it included with our stay. I started with a charcuterie plate (very small and dry) and hubby had salad (pretty good). For dinner I had the scallops, and they were cold and too salty. Plus there was no green on the plate. It was 4 scallops with some butternut squash underneath. My husband during dinner leaned over and said " You know, those scallops are over $7.00 a piece!!" I couldn't believe it. My husband had whole trout, which he liked but again, too salty. We couldn't decide if we wanted dessert, so the mostly absent server told us to have it delivered to our room and handed us our bill. If I were paying for this meal I would have been very disappointed. I will return to the Woodstock Inn, but not to the Red Rooster.They missed the mark on this one. Too bad. Also, the last poster was right, no food in the tap room, just drinks and dessert, which is too bad. The atmosphere here is wonderful.