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Nov 22, 2008 03:48 AM

Takeout for a crowd in Miami

New in Miami for a lunch crowd?
Just got back into town. Searched the board, but didn't see exactly what I need. Looking for anything new thats great for a crowd on an afternoon leisurely lunch. Ideally some sort of sandwiches or something to put out buffet style.

Can always do my usual, stone crab claws and cubans.

Anything new and exciting in the last 6 months?


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    1. Stopped by Martarello around 5pm tonight- they had a great selection and we really enjoyed everything we tried. Both the salami and prosciuto sandwiches, mozzarella pizza, zucchini focacia, eggplant, pasta with shrimp, chickpea and artichoke salad, ham cheese croissant puff, doughnut and custard pie. Everything was delectable. They were really nice and its exactly what I was looking for.