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Nov 22, 2008 03:44 AM

Pork Roast---best seasoning?

Cooking a small (2 lb) boneless loin roast tomorrow w/ red potatoes and carrots, trying to decide how to season it. A family friend cooked one for us a few years ago when we had our second child, and my wife swears it was the best thing she's ever eaten. (I think she was just hungry!)

Sadly, he has since passed away, and how he did it was one of those things I never got around to asking him.(I do know he was a huge Julia Child fan). I do a pretty good job w/ beef, if I do say so myself, but have never found the "secret" to getting the flavor just right on a pork roast.

Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. Looking through Child's MTAOFrenchCooking, which I finally purchased, it looks as though she suggests marinating the meat prior to roasting. A couple of the marinades use thyme, sage, bay, allspice and garlic.

    I have had pretty good luck marinating with EVOO, apple cider, dijon mustard and spices and then roasting with a couple pieces of bacon over the top of the roast to add a little flavor.

    1. I've made pork loin roast following Julia Child's recipe from Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, wherein she rubs the loin all over with herbes de Provence, browns on the stove top then roasts in the oven. Delicious! I love the flavor the fennel seeds add.

      1. I love pork roast with slivers of garlic inserted into slits in the roast, and then covered with a paste of dijon, chopped thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper. You can also just coarsely chop the garlic and add it to the paste. I usually let the roast sit with the paste on it for an hour or so at room temperature, or refrigerate for a couple of hours.

        The juices are delicious if you deglaze the pan with white wine, and then add chicken stock (I like a bit of black pepper, too) and reduce for a few minutes, and then maybe a little butter for body. Alternately, you could use some brandy and burn off some of the alcohol before adding the chicken stock and butter for body.

        1. It's totally not what you're looking for, but I have had excellent luck with various blends (depending of what I have on hand) of orange/lemon/lime zest, dried chili powders (guajilla is mild enough not to cover up the citrus), and something extra, like a pinch of allspice. You can serve it with rice (doused with some of that citrus juice and/or zest) and fresh cilantro over everything, and it's quite tasty.

          Hope that gives you an idea for the next time!