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Nov 22, 2008 01:05 AM

Stowe, VT

We are driving to Stowe from Fairfield County, CT to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are having the holiday meal at Topnotch, and I think we want to keep it casual the rest of the time. Food quality is more important to than type of cuisine. We will not have any kids with us.

Also, any recommendations on places to stop for lunch on the way there would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! N

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  1. depends what time of day yr leaving and when you want to stop. twp very reliable faves are hope and olive in greenfield mass (exit 26 off 91)

    and simon pearce in queechee, vermont (exit 1 off 89


    both are quite nice and casual.

    1. I spend time every summer in Stowe and I can tell you that most of the restaurants in town are very casual. For burgers, I like Gracies on the mountain road. If you have dogs, you'll love this place. They have a "gourmutt" shop next to the restaurant with all kinds of doggie items. You must get the "frisbee" dessert, sort of a chipwich sundae. Good Mexican can be had at Cactus Cafe, great margheritas, also on the mountain rd. Michaels on the Hill is good Italian. If your're in the mood for fish and chips or some Brittish fare, Mr. Pickwicks is good.
      Also in nearby Waterbury, home of Ben and Jerrys, you can have fanastic wings at Waterbury wings or great food a few steps away at the Alchemist. Have fun!

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        Thanks, especially for the "Gracie's" rec because we are bringing our dogs with us!!!

        1. re: ChefDell

          I used to go to Gracie's back when it was on Main Street, and liked the place a lot. Haven't been since they moved, though. If it's as good as it was back when it was in the center of town, I'd definitely recommend it, too.

          1. re: hiddenboston

            The food is just as consistant and very good. The new spot is a great improvement from the old place. I loved the place on main but it always felt a little closed in and dark. On the Mt. road, in the warmer months they have a great outdoor seating area. Back at the place in town, I was able to sit outside with my dog, not sure if they allow this on their deck but you never know!

        2. Simon Pearce is a great stopover. Allot an hour or so to browse their shops. In case your appetite urges you to hop off I 91 before you get to vermont, Paul & Elizabeth's (in the arcade on SW side of 150 Main St in Northampton, MA) has many casual sandwiches, veggie and seafood offerings.