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Nov 21, 2008 08:58 PM

Delray bar -- GOTTROCKS (???)

It's been a while, but I enjoyed good wings a few years ago at a Delray Beach bar named GOTTROCKS (or similar, not sure that's the exact name) . . .

I've now moved to south Florida and I wondered if anyone knows the place, can advise on where it is and let me know if I even have the name right . . . nothing special, just a basic pool table / NFL bar with a good bar menu with burgers and very good wings.

I understand the place changed hands a couple years ago, it might not even be around anymore . . . anyone have insight on this place?

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  1. Jimmy,

    Not 100% sure on this but I THINK it was on Congress near Lake Ida (about 1/2 mile N of Atlantic). Several places have come and gone in that location, if this is the one I'm thinking of.

    If you liked that, you'll be well of heading to Bru's Room on Atlantic and the RR tracks right in the heart of downtown and getting some hot grilled wings. (I'll be the one in the Brett Favre Jets jersey).

    Duffy's Sports Grill is also opening up on Linton and US1 at the old Roadhouse Grill. A manager told me target date is appx Dec 12.

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        Bru's Room has very good wings....make sure you get the grilled option on them.

        1. re: freakerdude

          Agree, Bru's room wings are far superior to that place.

        2. re: CFByrne

          this is confirmed - sign on the door reveals "Grand Opening"

          Friday Dec 12.

          It looks very nice inside - totally renovated - and with appx 2,000 televisions.

        3. Thanks again for the guidance, I'll get into Bru's for some grilled wings and report back!

          1. There is a Gottrocks in the Deerfield/Coconut Creek area. It's on the NE corner of Lyons Rd. and Hillsboro Blvd, behind the Walgreens. Same type of place. I remember thinking that the wings were really good, they used real butter in the sauce. The bar is small, but busy and it's a very family oriented place. I haven't been there in over a year, but when we went, we liked it.

            I'd try it, just to see if it's the same. Weird name, so I'm thinking it will be.

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              Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, I JUST returned from eating wings at the Deerfield location of BRU'S ROOM. I will look for this next time I'm headed through there.

              Regarding BRU'S ROOM, I have just now had their grilled wings for the second time in a week (once at Delray and once at Deerfield) and I have to say they are VERY good. I had the minced garlic option the first time, but the second time went straight and I think they're much better straight . . . for me, the garlic competes with the hot sauce taste I like in my wings, the two flavors are not complimentary for me.

              Although the preparation and the service were equally good at both locations, I found the quality of the wings themselves were much better at Delray, generally bigger and better meat on them, but that probably just varies by the batch and I would doubt the different locations source their wings separately.

              1. re: jimmyodonnell

                BTW I've been trying to mimic the Bru's hot / grilled recipe for a while and I cannot figure it out.

                I know this is not a Cooking group, but if anyone has any insight (short of bribing someone at Bru's in the BOH)... :-)

                I am guessing they deep fry them (no breading) then toss in hot sauce then grill. I have tried this at home but there's something missing.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  Bru's Delray wings are always larger compared to any other place I have been. It's the only Bru's I have been to though.

                  CF, what kind of sauce are you using? And do you add butter to the sauce?. I used to use Texas Pete and never added butter. I switched to Louisiana Wildy Wicked Wing sauce and I prefer it to Texas Pete's. With the addition of butter, 1/3 to 1/2 proportion on the recipe, it's even better. I have no idea what kind of sauce Bru's is using. I like them wetter than they come out at Bru's after being grilled, so that is always a good option to get. At home, I typically heavily season and bake mine since deep frying can be messy. If deep frying, once they float, most of the fat has been rendered and are typically done.

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                    Well, my reply is kind of late, but I don't think Bru's puts hot sauce on their grilled wings at all. I think they deep fry first, then throw them on the grill. Sauce on the side. I never even bothered with the sauce, they were so good the way they were served.

                    1. re: OysterHo

                      I order just what you describe here -- I take the grilled option and the wings come dry, then get the hot sauce on the side, great way to go for Bru's wings

              2. Check out Hurricaine Wings on State road 7 just north of Sawgrass exp. Great wings, good beer, TV to watch sports, dont need much more...

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                  I ahve has hrricane wings at a few of there chains and they are hit or miss on service,wings and beer

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                    I know its a chain, I havent had bad service there, and the wings I have had have been very good. Beer, they had a nice selection on tap, plus a good amount of bottled beers. So as long as they dont run out... its all good.