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Nov 21, 2008 08:14 PM

Review: Yogiberry in Cleveland Park

The new tart yogurt place in Cleveland Park had its grand opening today, and despite the frigid weather we tried it out. They have a huge selection of toppings, including a bunch I haven't seen elsewhere such as as peanut butter chips, cappuccino chips, mini reeses pieces, crushed nilla wafers, pomegranate, plus the usual suspects including mochi. They offered several yogurt flavors, including chocolate, original, green tea, and one other. They also have this shaved ice thing on the menu which is described as shaved ice topped with yogurt, plus mochi and other toppings.
I thought the yogurt was pretty much the best I've tried in DC, much creamier, and maybe a bit less tart. I'm not sure it tasted quite as healthy, actually, though I didn't see any nutritional information to compare.
Thumbs up!

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  1. I tried the one in Rockville right after they opened 1 month ago and they let us sample all 4 flavors. All are awesome just plain with no toppings. With flavors this great, who needs toppings? The berry flavor is the sweetest.

      1. Absolutely delicious. Best in the city. A little cold for frozen yogurt, though, but I hear they're getting coffee and hot cocoa soon. Yum!