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Nov 21, 2008 06:51 PM

BYOB - Lambertville to Frenchtown

Looking for a good BYOB for lunch/dinner anywhere from Lambertville to Frenchtown. We'll be going with another couple who are very wine oriented and they will be bringing the bottles, so we're trying to find a good place for them to bring some really good bottles! This will probably be a mid-week get together.

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  1. Several of the best BYO's in Lambertville (Number 9, Hamilton Grill, Manon) are not open for lunch.
    I suggest you meet your friends in Hopewell and go to The Blue Bottle Cafe which is IMO the best restaurant in the area and they are open for lunch Wednesday - Friday.
    Mapquest drive time from Lambertville to Hopewell is 15 minutes.
    Do a search for Blue Bottle Cafe and you will find many glowing reviews and reports.

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      Bucksguy, rereading your message, if you decide to meet for dinner, any of the three restaurants in Lambertville would be fine.
      I had originally thought you wanted to meet for lunch only.

      Of course The Blue Bottle is still a great choice :))

    2. Bucksguy14, I agree with Tom that the Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell is an excellent restaurant. AND, it's BYO AND they know wine so will treat your special bottles with care.

      However, I see that you could do either lunch or dinner. Assuming that you truly want to stay in the Lambertville - Frenchtown corridor I suggest you first search this board using the keywords "byo" and "lambertville". You will turn up some good discussions.

      My personal favorite BYO in Lambertville is Manon which, as Tom noted, is open for dinner only. I have had many excellent meals there though I have to say they do seem to give special attention to regulars. This is fine as long as you're a regular! Despite this, I still recommend it.

      In Frenchtown, the only BYO that comes to mind is the Race Street Cafe, which is open three nights a week for dinner. I haven't been there for quite a while but it was always good. Given the choice, I would opt for Manon.

      If you do decide to deviate from your plan and go to Hopewell, I strongly suggest you make a reservation at the Blue Bottle. This restaurant is very popular and is often full, even on week nights.

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        Just stumbled upon this recent review of Manon which mentions a very critical piece of information I always forget about. Manon does not accept credit cards.

      2. Miels in Stockton is awesome, I also recomend Lovin Oven in Milford on thursday, friday or saturday. Both are focused on local delicious food.

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          Also worth checking out at Rick's, Moustache, and Cafe Galleria in Lambertville. Great lunch spots, and all BYO. Bring cash to Moustache as well! Check out our blog for reviews of each. Cheers! -mJ