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Joey Thai in Montclair

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Just had an amazing meal at Joey Thai. Joey used to be at 31st and 5th in the City, but now the place is out in suburbia.

Hasn't lost a step though, the food's still amazing. Joey himself is a warm, gregarious presence: he's always out front when he's not busy with prep. I'll advise you that Joey does take a bit of coaxing if your preferences lean towards serious spice, but I'll warn you that when you order it hot, he doesn't mess around (although if you ask for a dish mild or medium, it will not be overspiced).

To start with, my companions and I had the Tom Yum Goong which, when you ask for it as spicy as I like it, has whole little hot peppers in there as well as the requisite shrimp, mushrooms and so forth.

We also had the Nam Saad, which isn't on the menu but which Joey will gladly make if you say the word. I strongly recommend you do so: the spicy ground pork and peanut salad has just the right mix of luciousness and lethality.

For main dishes, we split the Pad Prik Khing, which is as fine an example of the dish as I have ever had - the string beans were just perfectly done, as well as the Pad Shu Shee which was also delightful (the coconut milk in the curry blended with the duck for an amazing richness). And of course it wouldn't be a Thai meal without the Pad Thai which, needless to say, was superb.

And that would have been sufficient, indeed we called for the check, but Joey threw in dessert. In this case his fried banana wrapped in what looked like little crepes and served with honey and sesame seeds. A perfect end to a meal which came out to under $25 per person, complete with wrapped up leftovers to argue over.

Joey Thai has no liquor license (few restaurants in Montclair do) but you can BYOB. It also has a website at http://www.joeythai.com

Joey Thai Restaurant
338 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ

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  1. He needs to improve his signage; no one konws he is there. We live literally around the corner, and we spent a week scouring Bloomfield Ave to find the restaurant.

    The food is good, but with serious competition from Tuptim and, of course, the wonderful Thai Chef, he needs to establish a stronger presence. We drive by frequenty and rarely see anyone inside. It would be a shame if he didn't make it.

    1. Joey Thai has great food and Joey is such a personable host. After having a nice conversation with him, he went to the kitchen and cooked our meals. We felt we were guests in his home.