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Nov 21, 2008 05:30 PM

Port union fish and chips.

Anybody eaten at this place?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I haven't eaten there since they were Joey's Only.

      If you're in the area Try Malt 'n' Salt on Lawson (it's really takeout only). They have a Mon-Wed special. I find the portion of fish to be decent and it has a nice crisp batter, the fries are decent, not spectacular.

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      1. re: Dr Butcher

        I'll second Malt n' Salt...given it's location in a strip mall next to a gas station, you'd probably never stop to try it out, but it is in fact very good. For eat -in fish and Chip in this area I'd go to Highland Fish and Chips (in the plaza just west of Conlins Road on Ellesmere).

        1. re: Finnegan

          I go to the second Malt 'n Salt at Whites Rd and Oklahoma in Pickering. The proprietor takes extra steps to give you exactly what you want,and it is not usually too busy.

          Malt N Salt
          750 Oklahoma Dr, Pickering, ON L1W3G9, CA

          1. re: jayt90

            Revisited Malt 'n Salt (Pickering) and found the haddock dry. I didn't specify that I wanted it moist, as it has always been good in the past. Next time I'll ask for moist and crisp. I know they can do it.

      2. This is our "go-to" fish and chips restaurant. We mostly order the family specials (the cheaper fish like whitefish) and we all enjoy them. The fries are home cut and fairly good. Even the coleslaw is decent (and apparently also home made). But the battering on the fish is what draws us back. Some fish and chip places are all batter and little fish. But at Port Union it is the light batter that helps us appreciate the fish more.

        Port Union Fish & Chips
        65 Rylander Blvd, Toronto, ON M1B5M5, CA

        1. My mom says they have really good clam chowder there.

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          1. re: CeeQueue

            I'll try this next time I have the craving. The specials and Sr. prices are good. If they make the soup from scratch , I'm impressed. But there is a very fine large can of condensed clam chowder available at Diana's (2101 Lawrence E), so I'll be looking to see if they use something like that.

            1. re: jayt90

              Is that the clam chowder in the yellow and blue can? If so I think it's great!

              Surprisingly I've found the take out Mason jars of chowder at the Fish House to be very good as well. They remind me of Legal Seafood's chowder I snagged at Costco in Mass. while I was there visiting a few years back....

              1. re: Dr Butcher

                Yes, I think it comes from Maryland, and is maybe $7 for a large can, same size as a tomato juice can. Just add milk and cream.