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Nov 21, 2008 05:06 PM

sushi tonight, westside, moderate $

OK, here's the dilemma:
The SO has a friend in town, they want sushi. They care about ambiance more than quality and I'd rather eat the best possible, even if it means by hand sitting on a milk crate on the sidewalk.
She's thinking Wabi Sabi on Abbot Kinney, I'm thinking Sawtelle, but it has to be nice looking as well as delicious, and I don't think they'd stand for a Fu Rai Bo-esque wait.
Oh, and to make it harder, I'd like to not break the bank.
Is this impossible?

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  1. bar hayama may be a happy medium?

    1. k-zo in culver city will meet all your needs.
      they are located in the same building as trader joes and share the parking structure with trader joes.

      1. U-Zen on Santa Monica Blvd & Brockton in West LA.