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Nov 21, 2008 04:56 PM


GRISTEDE'S in Brooklyn Heights has reopened after being damaged by fire.

The prices are unbelievable! Sky high on almost everything...$1. $2, $3 or $4 more expensive on individual items.

Kellog's cereal $4.99 at Fairway is $7.29

Fage Yogurt $ 1.49 at G of Eden is $2.89.

Large Tropicana OJ 2 for $6 at Key Food is $7.

They have a captive audience of a large elderly population in those subsidized housing buildings and they are really taking advantage of it.

The store looks OK, but rip-off prices totally out of proportion to the rest of the neighborhood, they won't be getting any business from me.

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  1. Every Gristedes sucks. Dirty, overpriced, rude help. The jerk who owns them want to run for mayor. Yeah, baby run so we can skin ya alive

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    1. re: MOREKASHA

      i went to gristedes once in the heights before the fire, and could not believe the prices. i swore off gristedes when i went to the chelsea store to buy ice cream: turkey hill was $7.00. i don't think so!!!

    2. I'm boycotting too. $2.19 for a 20oz bottle of Coke, which is $1.35 at Garden of Eden. They overcharged me for ground flaxseed -- it was marked $5.99 and rang up at $6.99. Why can't we get a good grocery store in Brooklyn Heights???

      1. I never shop in a place that smells that that place did.

        1. You know things are bad when Garden of Eden looks like a bargain.

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          1. re: gnosh

            I was thinking the exact same thought. Gristede's must be the worst of the ripoffs if they charge even more than Garden of Eden does. Garden of Eden on Montague St. might be the most overpriced gourmet deli I've ever encountered, and I'm thoroughly familiar with the place. They charge even more than the gourmet delis in NYC's most expensive neighborhoods (e.g., Upper East Side) yet they're nowhere in the quality category of their best competitors. Not even in the same time zone.

            1. re: pizmet

              I live on Roosevelt Island and Greedsteedies is the only show in town. I will NEVER shop there for anything unless it's price marked by the manufacturer or bakery (they do carry a good selection of fresh baked french and italian bread). Their prices are unreal! However, it's notheing new for them. I lived in Hartsdale for many years where there was one and the prices on canned goods in that store were 30-50% higher than the super maket down the street. When I inquired as to why the genius of a mgr. responded "because we deliver and we have a higher overhead for that."
              John Kissmyassasas says he only makes 7% of his billions on his super markets. "My heart cries for him."