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Nov 21, 2008 04:54 PM

Fried Ipswich or Essex Clams

Please recommend places to get the tastiest fried clams in or around Ipswich or Essex. I'm going to Massachusetts next week and would love to dine on sweet, succulent clams.

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  1. I loved the ones at the Clam Box in Ipswich. Bring a monster appetite or some friends to help you finish the food. Our surprise favorite item there were the fried scallops that we ordered in addition to the clams, and haddock, and onion rings (very good.)

    Here's a link to the Chowhound "Klam Krawl Trip Report" that sent us to the Clam Box

    Photos here:

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      Thanks for the Clam Box recommendation and the Klam Krawl Trip Report!! I loved the photos. Agree that Essex Seafood was not great. Went there last summer and found the food greasy and the clams tasteless.

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        Call the Clam Box before you go. I am not sure that it is open year-round. If it is open, it is worth the trip!

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          Pretty sure Clam Box is open thru the first weekend of Dec. but yes, check to make sure. Not sure if Farnhams is closed already, another option. And while it's not most people's favorite, Woodman's is open year round.

    2. Bob Lobster in Newburyport does a great job, and they are open year round. Be forewarned, though, that they only have a little space heater in their dining area....bring warm coats and order a cup of chowder to start!

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        There's a new post on the Boston Board that the Clam Box will be open through the winter this year.

      2. according to a post on the Boston Board The Clam Box is not closing for the winter this year.

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          Thanks for your posts on the Clam Box. Glad to know it is open!! We're going to check it out later this week. Thanks so much! And also thanks for Bob Lobster recommendation. May be able to fit that one in as well!

        2. Thanks everyone for recommending the Clam Box in Ipswich. I dined there with my family and we ordered way too many dishes - clam roll, lobster roll, 3-way combo with onion rings, fried clam platter, clam chowder. We couldn't finish everything but the food was excellent!

          1. Thanks for recommending the Clam Box. "Bring a giant appetite" was right! We ordered way too much food: clam chowder, clam roll, lobster roll, clam platter and a clam/scallop/shrimp combo with onion rings. The eight of us wanted to sample lots of items on the menu and the food did not disappoint! Everything was delicious, though afterwards we felt a bit queasy from the oil! The place was pretty empty because of the time of year and we were able to spread out our feast over several tables and enjoy ourselves.

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            1. re: moriminamimachikko

              Man you guys tucked away some serious chow, you probably had enough left to feed the town of Ipswich. They never disappoint.