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Nov 21, 2008 04:40 PM

Where is the best lobster in NO?

Recs please?

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  1. Lobster eh? Well, as these are usually not from the Gulf, the River or from the Lake, I am having a problem picking any that stand out.

    Best that I can do is a lobster raviolo in the tasting menu at Restaurant August. I do feel as though it would not count.

    Also, MiLa had one lobster dish - mind is cramping, but I did a review. Hope I mentioned it, but we did a lot of food-passing. Maybe my dear niece ordered it. Hope it was me, or my wife. Good, but nothing to make me sing.

    I hope that others can help you more than I have.


    1. Drago's has lobster. Not a huge fan of anything but their grilled oysters, however.

      1. This ain't a lobster town....

        By the time they get here from Maine or Canada, they are stressed, hungry, grumpy, and not in a good mood at all....

        1. if you need a fix you could probably have a tail at one of the steakhouses (mortons, ruth's chris or besh)

          the best I've ever had in the area was actually in Biloxi- the steakhouse at Beau has a 1lb add on tail that was mind blowingly good-

          when I really need a fix I send myself a lobster gram and fire up my rig

          1. Pellicano Ristorante
            Served with lemon grass-asparagus-crab succotash, lemon verbena-roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted fennel vinaigrette