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Where is the best lobster in NO?

Recs please?

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  1. Lobster eh? Well, as these are usually not from the Gulf, the River or from the Lake, I am having a problem picking any that stand out.

    Best that I can do is a lobster raviolo in the tasting menu at Restaurant August. I do feel as though it would not count.

    Also, MiLa had one lobster dish - mind is cramping, but I did a review. Hope I mentioned it, but we did a lot of food-passing. Maybe my dear niece ordered it. Hope it was me, or my wife. Good, but nothing to make me sing.

    I hope that others can help you more than I have.


    1. Drago's has lobster. Not a huge fan of anything but their grilled oysters, however.

      1. This ain't a lobster town....

        By the time they get here from Maine or Canada, they are stressed, hungry, grumpy, and not in a good mood at all....

        1. if you need a fix you could probably have a tail at one of the steakhouses (mortons, ruth's chris or besh)

          the best I've ever had in the area was actually in Biloxi- the steakhouse at Beau has a 1lb add on tail that was mind blowingly good-

          when I really need a fix I send myself a lobster gram and fire up my rig

          1. Pellicano Ristorante
            Served with lemon grass-asparagus-crab succotash, lemon verbena-roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted fennel vinaigrette

            1. #1 You eat Lobster in Maine.

              #2 Lobsters aren't in season in Maine right now.

              #3 Eat some shrimp or oysters, you're in New Orleans.

              1. I agree-why eat lobster in NOLA...as the old saying goes "When in Rome..."

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                  I want to eat lobster here in NOLA because I like lobster-am I supposed to never eat lobster again because I live 1500 miles away from a lobster tank?

                  it was a legit question

                  what's going on with this board? geez

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                    Oh, I agree with you. I have thought of any worthwhile lobster, that I have ever had in NOLA, and cannot come up with any.

                    Even going back many years, when dining with my family. My mother was a big lobster fan (Maine), and I do not recall her ever commenting on any. I know that she ordered it, and some must have been good, but none sticks out. I do recall one that she had a Galatorie's, but only because the butter was served in a little silver cup - that caught my 10 year old attention - still not comments from her, that I remember.

                    I'm completely at a loss. Maybe I'm just missing the right place.


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                      I think that the point is that if you are visiting NOLA you might want to dine on the foods that it is known for, not on food from another state. We as a group do not know where secondspiz is posting from, it is not fair for us to judge the rec, I suppose until we know that information. But I will stand by my statement lobster(Maine) isn't in season right now so it is pointless to eat it. And FROZEN lobster is worthless!!!!!!

                  2. I had really great lobster and Dickie Brennans Steak house-Ignore these fools and eat waht you want

                    1. Maybe the poster isn't on vacation and just lives in New Orleans.

                      I've never had lobster at Drago's, but they make a big deal of it:

                      1. There's always Red Lobster. Must be some reason why they are still in business. The one time we went (with a coupon for free dinner) it was awful, but we did not have the lobster. I've had good lobster at Ruth's Chris, but it's been a while since I've gone.

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                          Is Star Steak & Lobster still going on Decatur? They've got lobster in tanks.

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                            It's still there, but it has different owners. My husband used to work there long ago and raved to me about the food and service. He took me there about a month ago and it was nothing short of HORRIBLE! The food was disgusting. We left without even eating our food. Luckily they took several things off of the menu, including the prime rib that they couldn't get right after two tries.

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                              I remember Jaeger's (the old one on Elysian Fields) used to have lobster specials once in a while. Small one pounders, but they were good and cheap,served up with fixings like a shrimp boil. Don't know if the revised version out on Clearview has them or not.

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                                Okay, its me, Im here, the one that caused all this! I posted on November 21st, looked back soon after and saw some replies and then I come to see this. Okay- I am from New York, I do know that Maine is known for its lobster, however I assumed and obviously assumed very wrong that since NOLA was a seafood state (well known for shrimp and oysters), it might have some good lobster which I happen to like very much and when on vacation, regarless of where I am, I like to enjoy all the foods I like. While in NO, I will try all the local cuisine. This is my second time...of course fell in love on the first vacation, and cant wait to come back to try all that NO has to offer, which will exclude lobster. Thank you all for taking the time to reply and suggestions, advice, etc.

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                                  I've been thinking more (yes, I do remember Jaeger's with their tank), but cannot come up with any.

                                  That said, if you encounter it at, say Restaurant August, or New Orleans Grill at the Windsor Court, don't pass them by, as they are likely to be very good preps, though maybe not a traditional prep.

                                  Enjoy, and if you find a great "sea roach," please post, as others will likely benefit from that, and a few of us will probably slap our foreheads and mutter, "heck, I knew that, but could not conjur it up... "


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                                    I think your craving for Lobster in Nola is totally normal. I always want to try lots of foods that are not local, but that are presented in a local style. All foods in Nola seem to be a melding of many cultures and cuisines, as they are in most places. I never shy away from foie gras or artichokes no matter where I am.

                                    I heard that G.W.Fins has been importing Alaskan King Crab recently. I had a decent meal there in April and noticed many items from afar. New Bedford scallops (assumed they were sea scallops) and I think I recall a Maine Lobster on the menu, as well as Atlantic Salmon. The setting was nice and the food quite good, but not memorialable, except a bread pudding with white chocolate. The grilled oysters did not match the ones I had eaten at Drago's out in Metairie and the pompous waiter was annoying though reasonable efficient.

                                    I recently had a chat with the executive chef at the CBD restaurant where my son is the Chef De Cuisine and he was raving about some deep water red shrimp being caught off Fla that have a great lobster flavor being used by Nola chefs. My son has been trying to bring down some Nantucket Bay Scallops to Nola to use since the season opened on Nov 1st, but the season here has been nothing short of horrible. My husband got enough for two meals, but they are tiny and incredible time consuming to get.

                                    As for Lobster, if no one tells, I am in Maine a lot and always bring back "Bugs" to Nantucket rather than eat the good local ones. If you crave an interesting and much loved lobster dish, check out a Pan grilled one being done at Le Languedoc in Nantucket where the meat is first taken out of the shell and sauteed in a beurre blanc with cognac then put back into the shell and stuffed with a creamy corn polenta with carrot ribbons and asparagus (or a variation ). Always great and only a 6 hour drive away from NYC. We are spending 12 days over Christmas in New Orleans, so I will keep my eyes peeled for lobster and report back.

                                    1. re: mumba

                                      Unfortunately, I have never visited Nantucket, but you make me want to go, just from your description.

                                      I had not thought of GW Fins, even though we often fit them in on our trips.