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D'Artagnan products - where to buy?

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I'm specifically looking for their duck prosciutto and rendered duck fat. Anyone know a store that carries either?

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  1. I know that I've bought the duck fat at Fairway, and generally see their products at 'gourmet' stores around town. Will keep an eye out for the duck prosciutto.

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      You can order their products directly online.....or contact them for a list of locations that carry their products.


    2. I've bought D'Artagnan products at Garden of Eden and Gourmet Garage. I suggest you give the stores nearest you a call to find out if they've got the two items you are looking for.


      1. I know you said D'Artagnan; Citarella carries many of their products. But for duck fat, you will do better, price-wise, by ordering from Hudson Valley: $12.50 for two pounds.

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          Schaller & Weber carries D'Artagnan too - I forgot to the look for the duck prosciutto though! They also carry frozen free range goose and goose fat.

        2. Gourmet garage has D'Artagnan products, and so does fairway. I remember seeing duck fat at one of these place, but don't remember which one.
          Duck prosciutto - I had looked for it and did not find it at these place (though I did not look very hard) and ended up making a trip to Newark in New Jersey (not too far, if you decide to go).

          1. Amish Market has D'Artagnan products.

            1. thanks all. FWIW D'Artagnan has no idea what products are where.

              1. The new Murray's meat store in Grand Central sells the duck fat and possibly other D'Artagan products.