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Favorite 'Refried Bean and Cheese' Burrito?

I love Refried Bean and cheese Burritos with onions. (white cheese) Mmmmm!
Do you have a favorite place/location? Where? Thanks!

I love Los Tacos Santa Monica Blvd, Olvera Street, and Tex Mex in Lakewood.

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  1. Mexi-Catessan in Monterey Park. Their beans are excellent

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      I second Mexi-Catessan on South Atlantic in Monterey Park.

    2. Al & Bea's, Lupe's, J&S all in East LA

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        There is ssomething very special about that bean & cheese at Al & Bea's. The green chili burrito is very special also. Eating there is like going to Nana's house when you were a kid.Those small burritos are so simple and so perfect.

        AL & Beas Mexican Food
        2025 East 1st Street
        Los Angeles, California 90033
        (323) 267-8810

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          LUPE'S 12 Kinds of Burritos on 3rd Street in ELA. The very best bean and cheese. Try the red chili with it. Very hot, but compliments the burrito.

        2. Talpa on Pico. Not sure if they use onions, but their beans are so creamy.

            1. J&S in Montebello.
              Open 24 hours. Cheap and good. Bean and Cheese burrito is less than $3. My favorite is their machaca burrito $3.15.
              Must be good-- CHP eats there all the time.

              887 N Garfield Ave (1/2 block south of the 60 freeway)
              Montebello, CA 90640
              (323) 728-3853‎

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                I second J&S in Montebello. Their bean & cheese burritos are my favorite in SoCal and also love their green chili and soft tostada burritos!

              2. campos tacos! it's a mini-chain throughout los angeles. and this might only be my favorite b/c i grew up eating it. but they have stretchy and not too thick flour tortillas, they fill that with a tasty creamy concoction of refried beans and load it with shredded cheese that melts after it's wrapped. this is my absolute favorite!! it's cheap - $2-3 and so even if you don't like it -- it's not a huge investment. there are locations from santa monica to the east side.

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                  I second Campos. But my favorite bean and cheese burrito has always been Tito's Tacos

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                    My daughter, who lives for bean and cheese burritos,loves Taqueria Chihuahua, in Santa Monica. Her second favorite is Campos!!!

                2. if you need a fix in the south bay, hit lbj's in redondo beach (the only good one is the one on pch). get yourself a special C (two huge bean and cheese burritos) and order it wet. it's like $6 and you'll be eating for a day or two. they actually get better after you've put them in the fridge for a day or two.