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Nov 21, 2008 03:29 PM

Pho Dao Bo at Lawrence E. and Markham Rd.

Anyone tried this place in the plaza there? I just noticed it as I drove through the plaza today. I did see a CH reference to a place on Finch with the same name...are they connected? Thanks.

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  1. I went to a Pho Dao Bo in Hamilton and on the business card I think it listed several other locations including the one at markham/lawrence. I enjoyed my meal at the Hamilton location: we tried the beef pho, fresh spring rolls, fried spring rolls, bun, make your own spring rolls.....the portions were huge, ingredients fresh and very inexpensive.

    1. As luck would have it my family and I stopped in at that exact location for the first time on Weds. It is a mini-chain and inside they have pictures on the walls of the other locations including the Finch one you mention.

      Decor is a little nicer and a little cleaner then the standard places we used to go (pho 88 and pho huang were our usuals when we lived more north scarborough, crispy roll main other south scarborough one we have been to). Prices were standard for cheaper vietnamese places, maybe a little bit higher then others in the category.
      I had spring roll and grilled chicken vermicelli, wife had pho with rare beef and brisket and an order of veggie spring rolls. Son shared from both of ours, and as a nice touch we got an extra bowl and pair of scissors for cutting his noodles without asking. Vermicelli and spring roll weren't the best I have had, but were tasty. My wife quite liked their broth, as it was a bit beefier then other places. both cuts of meat in her soup were quite tender and did not have the excessive amount of fat or gristle that you can find at some places. One thing she was upset about was that they lacked spicy/satay pho options, as a few of our other haunts have these options and they are her fave. Over all their menu was significantly smaller then most vietnamese places I am used to frequenting. If your tastes run towards one of the basic dishes, your needs should be met, but if you like some of the more obscure meal options, you may find yourself out of luck here.

      As far as south scarborough goes, we prefer Crispy Roll for the larger menu, but will have no hesitation going back to Pho Dao Bo if we have a simple pho or vermicelli craving.

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        Thanks so much for both replies. It sounds perfect for a lunch. I generally order the meats that your wife had, elrik, so it should suit me fine.