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Nov 21, 2008 03:12 PM

Looking for the Best Ceviche in OC

I have a Mexican themed Pot luck next week and I'm supposed to bring ceviche for about 7 people. I live in Newport Beach but i'm willing to drive with in the OC area. Looking for something really good. Any type of seafood but no fish! Thank you guys!!

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  1. I love the ceviche at Marquez Restaurant
    13226 Rosecrans Ave
    Norwalk, CA 90650

    It's always been all shrimp and wonderful!

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    1. re: Grubber

      Norwalk is a little far. But thanks for replying. Anybody else have any suggestions? I think I might just make it myself.

    2. Some Albertson's and Gelson's have it already premade. It's ok but you will have to doctor it up.............................

      1. Take a trip down 19th Street in Costa Mesa. There is a place called Costa Brava that has very excellent ceviche.

        727 W 19th St