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Nov 21, 2008 02:57 PM

Wine Deal: Cristalino Brut, $6.99

Last weekend I dashed into the Raley's in Windsor to try to find an inexpensive bottle of bubbly to make "champagne" cocktails. I was happy to see that Cristalino Brut, one of my favorite cheapies, was available, and at a marked down price too. Fermented in the bottle, this Spanish Cava is my go-to for mixers and isn't half-bad on its own. If you buy six bottles (mix and match), you can get another 10% off.

Raley's and Nob HIll flyer -

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  1. Melanie:

    Agree with your recommendation. I bought a case of this cava at Cost Plus in Napa this week at $5.90 a bottle. A steal.

    I'm looking for Segura Viudas Brut Reserva (normally, $8.99) as well. Anybody know where this terrific cava can purchased inexpensively?


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    1. re: cortez

      They almost always have Segura Viudas at Trader Joe's, but never as cheap as $8.99. I think it's usually a few dollars more.

      1. re: cortez

        Good price! The first time I bought Cristallino was at Cost Plus in SF when it was on sale for $4, some years ago. With the gold foil label, Cristalino looks more pricey than it is and has the taste to back it up. A sommelier friend who has visited the property said that the yeast used here is different than other cava yeasts and that is allegedly the reason it doesn't have the typical rubbery aromas and flavors.

        Cost Plus World Market
        3934 Bel Aire Plz, Napa, CA

      2. Due to your recommendation of this value-priced cava, I bought a bottle last night at Cost Plus in Santa Cruz for $5.97. It was advertised as part of their "bubble blowout" sale. It was only discounted by about $1 IIRC, so the regular price is pretty good. There appeared to be good discounts on other bubblies as well.

        I had a choice of Brut or Extra Dry and decided to try the ED for the heck of it. Will taste it in the coming week and see if it suits my palate enough to buy for upcoming holiday celebrations. I understand that it may be best as a mixer, so I'll also try it w/ a splash of pear brandy and ginger juice.

        I'm going to Nob Hill in Capitola tonight to check out their wine selection (it's not that great here) and see if there are any deeply discounted turkeys for sale like before.

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          No discounted turkeys this year at my local Raleys (aka Nob Hill). This year the only way to order a fresh turkey at the store was to pre-order. As a result there were no left over fresh turkeys. They have been cutting back on discounted meat in general. The prices on 'today's special' ... aren't.

          1. re: rworange

            Got another case of Cristallino yesterday at Cost Plus for $5.97 a bottle. In light of the terrible stock market, this is the best deal going for the holidays!

            1. re: rworange

              Yeah, there were no discounts to be had this year at my Nob Hill. I never shop there in general (it's a little out of the way for me), and the prices on the meat and poultry looked pretty high. I ended up buying the most random stuff...Maui onion chips, brown sugar at 2 for $4, and milk. They do carry a nice selection of grains, so I bought a small bag of short grain brown rice. I normally don't like brown rice, but like this short grain type.

              The Cristalino Brut was there for about $8 so Cost Plus currently has the better deal. I tasted my Cristalino Extra Dry last night and enjoyed it for this class of wine. It was very smooth and clean tasting w/ no unpleasant sour notes. I will go back to purchase a few bottles including the regular Brut. I tried it w/ a splash of pear brandy but didn't care for the combo.