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Burger Meat Ground Onsite

I really love eating burgers and I often don`t want to do all the cooking and cleaning myself so I`m always looking for a great tasting restaurant burger that won`t send me to the bathroom all night. To me, the taste of any meat is best cooked somewhere between medium and medium-rare. Once meat is ground, the surface area increases dramatically and unless frozen or cooked the same day, it will become a bacteria playground.

Most restaurants with `homeburgers` buy their meat pre-ground which they season and form into patties. This leaves them at the mercy of the sanitary practices of their suppliers.

Does anyone know of any Toronto restaurants that actually grind their burger meat onsite daily.

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  1. The owners of Collegiate Lunch learned to grind their own burgers when they bought the place from the original Greek owner. I think they make a good burger, cooked medium.

    Collegiate Lunch
    1024 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Z5, CA

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      I`d read about them in previous posts. There seemed to be some disagreement about whether or not they did their own grinds, but I`m glad to hear your recommendation. I will take the time to check them out. But there must be more in a city of this size.

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        Been on my short list for ages. Now I`ll make sure I give them a try. Thanks...

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          Allen's will cook full out rare - and I'll send it back if it isn't.

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            Really? Wow, that's a burger joint to be cherished in this day. I don't know how my burger radar didn't pick this place up. I'll just have to rectify that!

            Thanks much for the info. I'm so sick of having a burger arriving looking like an scorched rat turd when I ask for medium-rare.

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          Are they grinding their own now? They used to have the beef prepared by Royal Beef, but maybe they grind it themselves now that Paul isn't around to do it.

          On Danforth, I've had very good burgers at both Globe Bistro and Lolita's Lust this past summer.

          I've had poor service at Allens too often to give it another try.

        3. We do here at Barberian's, but only at lunch on weekdays.

          7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

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            That`s brand new info for me, thanks!

            From the online menu, I assume it`s the The Barberian's Steakburger (14 oz) at $21.75
            I know I can`t eat quantities like I used to, but that still sounds like an incredibly big burger, especially for lunch.

            Do you know which steak cuts are being ground for this burger?

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              Mainly from the New York and the tenderloin cuts.

          2. Harbord Room grinds on site and can taste the difference for sure. Just had a burger there on Thursday and it was excellent. I dragged my sister there who was visitng from the states and she said it was the best she'd ever had. I'm not sure if it's the best ever but it's up there somewhere!

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              I am pretty sure Masseys Family Restaurant on Liverpool Rd in Pickering grinds their own.