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Nov 21, 2008 02:30 PM

Roslindale eats. Help !

My mother just moved to Roslindale village area. Any recommendations for someone who is NOT a foodie or an adventurous eater? (Am not describing me) Wondering what are safe bets for good ol' american or continental food, where someone can choose seafood and general non heavy fare. Not to get into family politics, but mom seems to be always dieting and I never know what to suggest ! LOL Thank you all

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  1. Someone just told me yesterday that she had a great meal at Geoffrey's. Have never been, but when I saw your post I thought I'd pass on the info

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    1. re: kate used to be 50

      I like Geoffrey's too. Very reasonable and very good. Everything from burgers to chicken. meat and seaood. They get their "homeamade" sausages and pasta from the little Italian market next door that makes a variety of Italian stuff. Yummy!

    2. sophias & delfinos both fit the bill.

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        Another thumbs up for Delfino. One word of caution: it can get busy there on weekends and they don't take reservations, but they do offer "call ahead". Give 'em your name, when you'll be there, and they'll put you on the list for a table.

      2. Boston Brickhouse on Belgrade (mostly burgers, but some other items), Pleasant Cafe, maybe Robyn's Grill, but this is based only their menu and target audience- I haven't been. Depending on where she is in Rosi - Dogwood Cafe across from Forest Hills T station or Corrib Pub in West Roxbury. West on Centre in West Roxbury may also suit her.