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Nov 21, 2008 02:18 PM

Mantu Steamer?

Help anyone. Our niece has described a "special" steamer she has seen at a friends. It is a 3 layer steamer, as best I can determine from her "poor" description. My wife would like to surprise her for Christmas. We live in New England, she lives in Florida. My wife does not want to call her and ask more about this steamer, she want's to surprise her. I don't care about shipping, but, is there a specific steamer that would be used? Does anyone have a recommendation? Cost is not an issue, up to a certain point.

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  1. Did she say what it was made of? There are bamboo steamers that sit on woks to steam dim sum and the like, they can be layered; don't know if it would work or not, but it can steam dumplings.

    I didn't know what "mantu" was and just Google'd it....wikipedia shows a layered metal steamer....

    1. Widely available in Asian markets and stores with larger cookware sections. They're usually stacked (you sometimes see half a dozen or more stacked together) on a larger wok filled partway with water brought to a boil:

      Also available in stainless. The bottoms (of the bamboo ones) are slatted with openings for steam to pass through. The Amazon link also links to parchment circles that you line the steamer with (so food doesn't fall through). You can just as easily buy rolls of parchment paper and tear into sheets (doesn't have to fit perfectly).

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        thanks...believe it or not..I found out from a friend of hers all she really wants is a Nesco 2 tray...easy enough to do