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Nov 21, 2008 01:28 PM

Happy Hour with Decent Food?


My husband and I love to eat... and drink.... but are cheap so we're always on the lookout for tasty happy hour deals in our area (berkeley). We love T-Rex's happy hour and make it over to Spenger's for the cheap and not too bad eats and great retro vibe but are on the prowl for something new. Any suggestions? We're really bad about making the trek into SF on a weeknight but would do so for the right deal. Otherwise, we're mainly looking at EB.


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  1. Yes, the T-Rex happy hour is good. 6 Degrees on Solano is good, too, but I find the room dark and not that pleasant. I've been meaning to try the happy hour at Girabaldi's on College. The food doesn't get the best marks on this board, but happy hour might be okay. It looks like a good deal. (We're cheap too.)

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      Oh! The food at Chester's (Walnut Square) happy hour was surprisingly good. And there's a view, sort of. You can combine it with the Thursday farmers' market. (Thank you, Robert L., wherever you are.)

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        Pyramid is interesting once and a while. I do really like their beers, and it's one of the few places you can get the seasonal ales on tap. It's also the ONLY place you can get their "Imperial Hefeweizen". It's like their regular outstanding Hef, but with more alcohol.

        It's half price appetizers and pitcher discounts. Tuesdays have always been their 'pint night'... if you buy a specialty seasonal beer you get to keep the glass. (I know, it's not food or drink, but if it does provide cheap value)

        Oddly, the only appetizer not half price is their wings, and their wings are their best appetizer.

      2. I have it on my to-try list, but Spengers, of all places, is supposed to have a good happy hour.

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          We've actually considered Chesters for brunch but should really check it out for happy hour too; I love the deck view. Just an aside but why is it so hard for EB restaurants to figure out a way to take advantage of the killer views we have? I can honestly only pick of a few that do... Paragon Bar at the Claremont being the best by far but in no way the cheapest.

          Thanks for the recommendations!

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            Since my last post I've tried the happy hour at Garibaldi's on College. Two of us shared a half-priced crab Louie (8.50) and a half-priced pizza (6:50). Both were large and quite good. I also had a margarita (5.00) and he had a beer (6.00). The bar area is pleasant, but it fills up very quickly after 5PM.