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Nov 21, 2008 01:16 PM

Roncesvalles - late to the party!!

It's not a neighbourhood I get to often but I found myself out that way today and thought I'd take a quick little stroll. What an absolute treat!! I was blessed for choices for coffee bars - Cherry Bomb, Tinto, Alternative Grounds, Lit. I ambled into Queen of Tarts, which I've read so much about on this board but never tried - OMG, I was like a kid in a candy store. Then I bought a few cheeses at Thin Blue Line - what a lovely little (emphasis on "little") shop that is (great selection of BC, Quebec and Ontario artisinal cheeses). I also bought some meats at one of the Polish delis (forget the name - just up from Queen of Tarts). There was a gourmet food shop that I didn't make it into, more delis, etc. WOW!

Now that it's top of mind, I might head back there for dinner in the next month or so. How is Cafe Polonez? Other spots you'd recommend? Thanks.

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  1. I've lived in the area for over 20 years and it has changed a lot - mostly for the better! I've never been to Cafe Polonez but have been to Chopin where the food was mediocre and the service rude. Depending what you want, there is a lot of choice. One of my favourites is still Domani's. The food is fresh, the service warm, and the prices reasonable. Silver Spoon is a real gem - in other parts of the city you would pay way more for such innovative food and immpecable service. Last time we were there they had ostrich as a special. At dessert they gave us complimentary warm chocolate chip cookies and a sample of dessert wine. It's a place where they seem genuinely glad to see you. River is also special. They train at risk kids in the food service industry (take that, Jamie Oliver). It can be a romantic place to snuggle in the banquettes at the back and the food, while not outstanding, is very good and well priced. Abstract Tree is new and I haven't tried it yet. Boho gets mixed reviews and speaking of reviews, you should check out The Revue theatre. It's really one of the last neighbourhood cinemas. Enjoy!